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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Big Fish Games iPad/iPhone sale

There's a sale this weekend on all iPhone/iPad games at Big Fish Games, where I get all of my casual games from. I've played and like the PC versions of these:
    Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison
    The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising
    Nick Chase and the Deadly Diamond
    PuppetShow: Mystery of Joyville
    Awakening: The Dreamless Castle
    Awakening: Moonfell Wood
    Princess Isabella - A Witch's Curse
    Mystery Trackers: The Void

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Are these RPGs or what? They sound intriguing, and I am always looking for new ways to waste time.

(Except for PuppetShow, because puppets scare me. It's a doll/clown/puppet thing.)

They're like I Spy mixed with simple puzzles mixed with a very basic type of adventure game (i.e. picking up inventory items and using them in other places). I think some or all of them have trial versions that you can install for free, so you can try them out and see if you like them. Timebuilders is a strategy game, and Nightmare Adventures has no I Spy elements, but the rest of them fit into the above description.

Yeah, I would definitely avoid PuppetShow. :P

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