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I might actually like summer TV more

Went to fun BBQ yesterday at lastcatastrophe's place. I got to see fightgravity, there was good food and swimming and chocolate cream pie made from scratch. *weeps* She even sent me home with some and Alex, Tessa and Chip all enjoyed some.

I'm watching an episode of Warehouse 13 that's about the "horn of Jericho", has a rocket ship that was launched into space... in 1893 and laser guns, yet the thing that makes me scoff in disbelief is that there are 40,000 people at a Pirates game :P

I recently finished S2 of The Vampire Diaries and it's... good. I feel really weird saying that because it is quite teen angsty, but it's also got adults characters who are there to do more than just ground the teen protagonists, people actually die, the stakes (har har) are high and there's always some crisis or other propelling the story along. It's just weird because it's on the CW, which, okay, is the result of a merger with the WB that launched Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but I mostly associate with 90210, which is essentially SVU set at a high school.

Really appreciating Eureka, maybe because it's the last season. :/ Colin Ferguson just has such good comic timing and delivery. I hope he (and Jo and Zane) get roles in other stuff soon.

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