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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Hopefully the show won't go downhill :(

The receptionist at our hotel in Montreal really looked like James McAvoy.

Just found out that Frank Darabont was fired/stepped down from being the showrunner of The Walking Dead. Okay, this actually happened 7/26, but I was in Buffalo/Toronto that day so I just found out today. The guy who runs Sons of Anarchy (which is on FX, not AMC, home of The Walking Dead) claims AMC fired Frank Darabont because 'Mad Men' 'gutted' AMC.

His tweets:
why darabont got fired - weiner. he held AMC hostage, broke their bank, budgets were slashed, shit rolled down hill onto gilligan and frank.

no one else wants to fucking say it, but the greed of mad men is killing the other two best shows on tv -- breaking bad and walking dead.

darabont reacted strongly to slashed budgets. he made mistakes, he was fired. no creative in town will trust AMC to back up their artists.

i don't know MW, got no beef with him. just hate that darabont is being demonized. no one has the balls to tell the truth. MM gutted AMC.

I don't know what Breaking Bad's ratings are like, but I know The Walking Dead has roughly double Mad Men's ratings, which has always had shitty ratings, but keeps getting renewed because it has critical acclaim and there's pop culture awareness, etc. So if what this dude says is true (and I'm always skeptical about these kinds of things), then AMC fucked over Kim Kardashian to give Khloe a raise. :P

I'm getting addicted to watching San Diego Comic Con panels. I really enjoyed the Fringe one, the Torchwood: Miracle Day one (if you're a Barrowman fan, you should definitely check this one out!) and the Vampire Diaries one from last season (I didn't watch this year's one because I still have 4 episodes left to watch in S2 and I don't want to be spoiled). You can find all of these on YouTube.

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Breaking Bad has only been getting better and better so if it's hurting, than everyone is working together to continue to keep the excellence at a high level despite it.

Even though Walking Dead has more viewers, I wouldn't exactly say it's the best thing out there in terms of television.

That's weird, I got the comment notifications in the wrong order.

I think the alleged budget cuts haven't taken effect yet for either show. Breaking Bad is in a better position to deal with it as they could cut down on special effects and other pricey things without hurting the quality of the show too much, whereas it would impact The Walking Dead creatively.

It's kind of a curious decision as, while they're on cable and not network TV, ratings do still matter to them so if they wanted to just slash budgets across the board that's one thing, but to raise one show's budget - which isn't even the top ratings performer - at the expense of the other two?

I think it may come down to critical acclaim. BB and MM have that--and to have that prestige is important. It's why it's called AMC rather than American Movie Channel--it's all about marketing.

FX dumped Damages and TNT dumped Men of a Certain Age despite acclaim, and Breaking Bad is (allegedly) suffering at the expense of Mad Men. Also, AMC airs stuff like... Broken Arrow and Constantine so that kind of takes the shine off any prestige. :P Perhaps they're trying to do the MTV thing of slowly moving away from their original concept (of movies and music respectively) towards more original programming.

I don't think you can compare the networks. TNT is known for Law and Order reruns and basketball. They're definitely changing from what they used to be, and having shows like Breaking Bad and Mad Men do that... especially with the way Mad Men has taken over the conversation about TV (check out the latest Banana Republic displays). And clearly they need Mad Men and Breaking Bad or they'd just be Broken Arrow and Constantine. When people think of AMC, they're not thinking about Constantine.

Well, the pop culture influence of Mad Men has more to do with the cool authentic 60s fashion and sets than the quality of the show. It's a bit more difficult to reference Breaking Bad without... involving a meth lab or something. :P

The problem now is whether show creators, who would have been encouraged by the types of shows that AMC airs, including the current slate and the cancelled Rubicon, and would have gone first to AMC (or next after HBO or a broadcast network) will now look elsewhere. Ultimately this will play over the next few years rather than immediately.

I haven't heard Anna Torv talk much (as herself) so I was surprised that her Aussie accent is so mild. Jasika Nicole is SO CUTE. I thought that the alt character's autism had been written in because of her sister, and I didn't know it was a coincidence! I love Seth Gabel. Although I still like his Nip/Tuck character more, heh. I like the whole cast a lot, really! :)

Man, the interviewer's nose appearing sporadically on camera was weird.

I followed him when he started his Twitter because he's so bizarre and he hasn't disappointed. (Although I still miss Dan Ellis)

me and my sis are toying with the idea of comic con next year maybe!

Any particular panels you're interested in?

we really like this book series called dark hunters and that author goes there usually :D

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