The Invincible M.A.E. (harleymae) wrote,
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I'm back!

Back in SF after an awesome vacation to Toronto and Montreal with abby20, early_afternoon, lastcatastrophe, tamiflu, crankygeek, thekatcameback, robi0688 and backcheck!!!

There was much food and laughter and good times, a lovely engagement dinner, wonderful speeches from brothers, teammates, an owner, Pierre McGuire, Ovechkin's twitter, epic badfic reading sessions, booze, wedding cake, John Tavares (watching, always watching), pilgrimages to the Hockey Hall of Fame, the Bell Centre and the ACC, much groping/snuggling/cuddling/sleep molestation, a ball game with not many people but lots of space for fancy concessions, and the brilliant observation that some things never end, they just get different.

Missing everyone and already daydreaming about where we can go next year... :)
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