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Harry Potter

I watched Harry Potter with lastcatastrophe and fightgravity on Friday night and really liked it! We watched it in 3D and I thought it enhanced it nicely, although I would have enjoyed it without it too.

I somehow managed to completely avoid spoilers about the ending for 3 years, but that doesn't mean that I won't spoil you here, hehe. I actually guessed all of the spoilerish things. The only thing I was unsure about was if Harry would stay dead (it was pretty clear he had to die). They also made it quite clear that Snape wasn't a bad guy, and there was a good reason he killed Dumbledore.

It ended well. I liked little twists like Neville being the one to destroy the last horcrux, even if I'd liked to have seen more twists (hey, it was an accomplishment to stay spoiler-free for that long! :P) like that. King's Cross Station looked amazing, and the escape from the vaults was fun. The battle, while not exactly Helm's Deep was cool too.

I didn't like that in a few places, they brought things up that were promptly dropped on the floor or not really developed. Like when all the dead people showed up before Harry went into the forest and they're like WE LIVE IN YOUR HEART!!!... and then they never showed up again and had no effect. :P I mean, it didn't have an element of finality nor did it seem to convey the great impact that it should have for a standalone scene. The Draco stuff was kinda' half-assed too.

I'm of the opinion that if you can't really fully develop an idea or theme or whatever, just leave it out. Otherwise you end up with X-Men 3. *chortles*

But this gets me more excited to read the books because I can see there were lots of interesting subplots in there. I'll probably watch all of the movies again at some point to re-evaluate how this one rates, but my favourite movie of the series is still either Azkaban or OotP.

Then we went back to lastcatastrophe's place and played in the playground by her house. Whee!!!

My flight is tonight at 11 PM! Tomorrow I'll get to see abby20, early_afternoon, lastcatastrophe and tamiflu!!! Nervous (about forgetting to pack something) and excited and eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

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