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Mmm, hockey

Damn, that was great game. I love watching the Wings and Avs play. It used to be that I was Wings all the way, but today I wasn't sure who I was supporting until the first goal was scored. Datsyuk/Zetterberg/Hull is an awesome line, although I could do without hearing the "they breathe the same air" comments.

I was *gasp* sad when Foppa left the game and didn't come back. The Avs kind of visibly deflated after that. :( *sigh* Mush couldn't keep his number.

I'm watching a taped Pens/Stars game from 2 weeks ago and seeing Heins reminds me of Caerleigh telling me that he's the biggest hitter for the Pens and that they have a little video clip of his hits. I don't know why but that makes me giggle insanely.

I am inspired writing-wise this weekend! I haven't been the past couple of weeks. It must be the impending birthdays or something that are driving me. I got a bunny reading an article in a technology review magazine of all things. *grin* Shit, now that I think about it (and it's almost half-way written) the idea is looking kind of dumb now. *sniffle* I suck.

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