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The Invincible M.A.E.

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That was the last one

Well, Mark Ellis has been traded to the Rockies. It's been like... 3-4 years since my heart was broken, but finding out still gives me a sick feeling in my tummy.

Now that the last one is gone, maybe one of these days I'll be able to watch an A's game without wanting to cry. :P

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He's my former future husband, hehe!

We should have known he was definitely a goner as soon as he was quoted as saying how much he wanted to stay in Oakland. I'm glad that he's gone to Colorado, if he had to go anywhere, since he'll have three former teammates there.

You know, I don't necessarily mind if the A's suck. It's the prospect of everyone I could possibly like being traded away that scares me. Baseball, much more than any other sport, is an emotional thing for me, so that really matters to me.

Hockey's your favourite sport but baseball is more emotional? I'm intrigued.

Well, it's a bigger reason why I follow baseball. If you replaced all athletes with robots and they played in warehouses, my favourite sports would be (in order): hockey, football, baseball. But baseball has a lot of stuff not strictly part of the sport that's appealing: the players' personalities, the ballpark experience, that kind of thing.

I, too, am no longer surprised or heartbroken at Billy Beane's audacity.

At least, I think it's that -- and not just that I'm too worried about Richie's start to give Ellis any consideration >.>

Mark Ellis doesn't have that... tragic element that Eric Chavez has. If he was the last one to go, that might have been more painful.

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