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Even Google knows that they look alike

So I'm writing a Bobby Ryan fic and I googled a phrase containing just 1) a year and 2) an age and the first was a YouTube clip of Scarlett Johansson. (If you missed my previous post, Bobby Ryan really looks like Scarlett Johansson.)


And then I thought that maybe Google had "remembered" I had searched for her before (although I think it only does that for ads) so I made early_afternoon google the phrase and she got the same result.

I was going to spend yesterday bumming around at home, but instead I went over to a friend's place for a pool party, which ended up being a good choice cos' it was sunny and warm and swimming was fun. And I ended up with bumming around time anyway watching TV and writing a bit.

I finally watched Falling Skies and was really distracted for the first 3/4 of it. It just felt like I had seen it all before, but towards the end the character dynamics started working for me and the trailer for the next few episodes looked like the show was taking an interesting direction.

The Nine Lives of Chloe King looked vaguely interesting but I decided in the first 5 minutes I was going to keep watching because it's set in San Francisco, haha. And they actually shoot on location in the city too! I used to watch Monk almost purely because they shot in SF and when they switched to using LA for location shoots I stopped watching the show. :P

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