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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Even Google knows that they look alike

So I'm writing a Bobby Ryan fic and I googled a phrase containing just 1) a year and 2) an age and the first was a YouTube clip of Scarlett Johansson. (If you missed my previous post, Bobby Ryan really looks like Scarlett Johansson.)


And then I thought that maybe Google had "remembered" I had searched for her before (although I think it only does that for ads) so I made early_afternoon google the phrase and she got the same result.

I was going to spend yesterday bumming around at home, but instead I went over to a friend's place for a pool party, which ended up being a good choice cos' it was sunny and warm and swimming was fun. And I ended up with bumming around time anyway watching TV and writing a bit.

I finally watched Falling Skies and was really distracted for the first 3/4 of it. It just felt like I had seen it all before, but towards the end the character dynamics started working for me and the trailer for the next few episodes looked like the show was taking an interesting direction.

The Nine Lives of Chloe King looked vaguely interesting but I decided in the first 5 minutes I was going to keep watching because it's set in San Francisco, haha. And they actually shoot on location in the city too! I used to watch Monk almost purely because they shot in SF and when they switched to using LA for location shoots I stopped watching the show. :P

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I finally watched Falling Skies and was really distracted for the first 3/4 of it. It just felt like I had seen it all before

You know, I saw nothing but rave reviews for Falling Skies before watching the premiere, so I was sitting there wondering "what am I missing?" I gave up on it well before you did (about 45 minutes in), and I don't know if I'll bother giving it another try. But I'll be interested to see if you're still watching 4 or 5 eps down the line, and what you think then.

I hadn't read or seen any reviews. I was just interested because of the subject matter and I like Noah Wyle and Moon Bloodgood. It just seemed very unfocused for most of the show. Going off on an expedition to rescue the son seemed promising.

Here's some (not so) interesting trivia: Noah Wyle went to the same school as Chip and Alex, which is a private boarding school in Southern California where everyone has to ride horses and... play lacrosse, which I assume is why there was lacrosse near the end of the episode instead of say, baseball. :P

I completely didn't watch Falling Skies last night because of the trailer. I've got it figured out, so to me it's kind of a waste of time now. :( Really upset me last week.

YAY for Bobby fic!

Was there any kind of mystery to the show that could have been spoiled in a trailer?

The beginning is kind of rough, so we'll see whether it improves. :P

Well, to me there was.

My birthday is Thursday, and I'm leaving early Sunday for 3 weeks if that helps. (no pressure) hahahahaha

I wasn't exactly paying close attention to the show so I may have missed something.

This is turning out to be longer than I thought it would. Perhaps I'll write more during the weekend! :)

I tried to watch a little of Falling Skies, and I was...uncompelled. Tell me if it's worth it after the next ep or something?

You should come over and swim with me! I finally bought a new bathing suit!

Yeah, it just wasn't that interesting beyond the initial firefight. If you're not going to show the invasion and go straight into the action, then there needs to be... action, haha. I'll watch at least a few more episodes unless it really irritates me. I'm not too fussy about TV. :P

That sounds fun!!! :D And see you Monday at Ellery's new place! :)

I've kind of noticed that. :P

Yes! See you soon!

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