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Khabi causes insanity!

Chip was very strange today at the office. I looked over and he was playing with the scallop (looks more like a large clam) hand puppet, which is odd enough in and of itself, but he started having a conversation with it, then it attacked his face. He's also been doing strange airplane impressions and stuff.

I realized that it's probably because I watched the "Cool Shots" with Khabi in it this morning, and he saw enough of it make him extra insane today. Imagine if he'd actually seen the slow-motion twitch footage. Maybe it's a good thing that we have nosebleed seats for the Bolts game. I don't know if I could handle Chip after 2.5 hours of Khabi twitching.

I wish that when people write fic they would understand the fucking words they are using. If you don't understand the words, then use very ... simple ... words. It would make the fic much better. Really. Some of the best writers use words that a 9-year-old could understand.

Sunny! Goal and an assist tonight? Nice going. :) Whore! Goal and an assist too? But not enough of a comeback. :( Eee, and a goal for Petr! Even strength one for PP boy. Whee!

Flan said "chocolate Ducklings" tonight and I immediately thought of naked Petr and Paul covered in chocolate syrup licking it off each other. Apparently she was thinking about cereal. Ahh, but what an image ... *sighs*
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