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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Khabi causes insanity!

Chip was very strange today at the office. I looked over and he was playing with the scallop (looks more like a large clam) hand puppet, which is odd enough in and of itself, but he started having a conversation with it, then it attacked his face. He's also been doing strange airplane impressions and stuff.

I realized that it's probably because I watched the "Cool Shots" with Khabi in it this morning, and he saw enough of it make him extra insane today. Imagine if he'd actually seen the slow-motion twitch footage. Maybe it's a good thing that we have nosebleed seats for the Bolts game. I don't know if I could handle Chip after 2.5 hours of Khabi twitching.

I wish that when people write fic they would understand the fucking words they are using. If you don't understand the words, then use very ... simple ... words. It would make the fic much better. Really. Some of the best writers use words that a 9-year-old could understand.

Sunny! Goal and an assist tonight? Nice going. :) Whore! Goal and an assist too? But not enough of a comeback. :( Eee, and a goal for Petr! Even strength one for PP boy. Whee!

Flan said "chocolate Ducklings" tonight and I immediately thought of naked Petr and Paul covered in chocolate syrup licking it off each other. Apparently she was thinking about cereal. Ahh, but what an image ... *sighs*

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totally agree with you on the fic thing *sigh*

mmm chocolate petr and paul :) nummy


Chocolate PHIYPP1/2 has birthed a bunny. *hop* *hop* Eep!


EEEEEE *eats... errr I mean Pokes that bunny*

*giggle* You can eat it! It's good chocolate. :)

I am so much purer-minded than you... :p

You are, but Alyn still has a prostate! Ahh dude, you know if there's ever a Sharks chat with Alyn, I'll ask him if he has a prostate! *giggle*

YAY for Sunny :))
*giggle* Naughty potty minded girl :P However I'm not denying the fact that choccy-covered Petr and Paul would be oh so very good.

And no AnnaIcon to scar you :)

Mmm ... *licks them* Although with Petr involved something really dorky would probably happen, like he would complain about being sticky and get bothered and Paul would be like, "Umm that's all you can think about?" and ... oh dear lord, the plot bunny striketh.

And thank you, I appreciate that! :)

Mmmm yes. With Petr, yes I sense dorkiness :)) And that would so be Paul. Oooh Plot Bunny *pets it*

:) ooh and Teemulanne could come and say something like "I like being sticky."


I added it to my fic list. *shamefaced*

*shrieks* So fucking wrong! Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Teemulanne is sexless! Asexual! No sex at all! None whatsoever! *weeps piteously*

*giggle* YAY!

wrong? But there's always room for Teemulanne lovin' :)

Awww :( No sad Mae *hugs*

Teemulanne lovin' AHHHHHHH!!!! *cries more*

Oh God, and Anna icon too!

Dude, how did I miss this post? I miss everything. *sigh*

I think that people should keep using big words. It makes me giggle.

When I think of chocolate ducks all I think of is chocolate. Mmmm...chocolate...can you tell how hungry I am? If not, try to listen to the grumbly in my tummy.mmmmm..chocolate sounds really good right now. But you know what that makes me think of? Peeps. You can put them in the microwave and make them super big! And they're like...SUPER BIG! And it's sooooooooooo coooooool. Hahhaha I need to eat food and stop studying. Oh wait. haha? Study..that would require me first to know things and then to study..so far I know nothing and am just catching up on 5 weeks of homework...bah! I'M GOING INSANE, MAE!


See it's funny when it's astoundingly bad. It's irksome when it's just a tiny bit off. Like the usage is almost right, but not quite.

Blah, I hit the button accidentally. Oh well, you get Petr icon. :) *shrieks* I left my food at the office, now I will starve tonight. *whimper*

Ahh, where are you??? *cuddles*

I am dead. Bah. Running for two hours is not as invigorating as it sounds. Oh wait, no, it doesn't even sound that.

Ack!!! I'm beat after running for half an hour! How can you run for two hours? *faints*

Well, you don't "run" for the full two hours. You scrimmage, but you play half court meaning that you have to take the ball 50 yards down field, then back 50 yards to the goal. And it is very crucial that everyone sprints to help the girl with the ball. See, when transitioning the ball up the field, you want to give your teammate, two options, so this involves you busting your ass upfield. Of course, two of your teammates have already beat you to point A, so you have to bust your ass to point B, which is about 20 yards up, but really only 10 yards. Because you must sprint far away, and then sprint back towards them to lose your defense. But seeing as how your defense never really followed you, you just run right back into them because your teammate is not allowed to pass over your defender since we are practicing making nice crisp passes. So after all that running, you get passed up for the pass, and then must proceed to sprint down the field to the fan around the goal, where you.. oh my goodness, get to make more sprints aka cuts in and out of the 8 meter fan.

And when your teammates take shitty shots or make goals, then the ball is turned over to the other team and the process is repeated.

See, you rest in the moments when you're defending your girl. As you rest, your girl cuts away from you, receives the ball, and then scores.

Meaning you get to sprint again.

It's a crazy cycle.

Ordinarily it would be a lot of fun but our field is crap so we all had shin splints and I think I tweaked my knee. Because I have to keep it in one position.

Ah, I love bitching. It helps me procrastinate.

Wow, I think I'm tired from reading about all that running.

And uhh, I totally understand the procrastination thing.

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