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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Jack Johnson

Bobby Ryan is also deathly afraid of bridges

So, mosgirl9 alerted me to Bobby Ryan's tweet about hanging out with JMFJ in Ann Arbor while he was around for Andrew Ebbett's wedding. Then frala showed me this photo:

Bobby Ryan and Jack Johnson

Yes, JMFJ looks quite douchey there, but what's new? And Bobby Ryan looks so skinny!

Anyway, I've always thought that Bobby Ryan looks like a girl (this is at least 75% of why I like him) and after looking at this photo I finally realized that he looks like one girl in particular:


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It makes me giggle, hahaha! I should send it in to a separated at birth thing.

JMFJ and Bobby are my Olympics OTP <3

I wonder what their conversations are like.

I would love to be a fly on the wall for one of them.

They are probably completely stupid and awesome.

The whole danged thing!!!!
I am like JR with the exclamation points!!!!

Freakish, isn't it??? I wonder if they've met. :P

Wow. I don't even know who Bobby Ryan is, but now I can NEVER UNSEE THIS.

He plays for the Anaheim Ducks, which makes him generally more disliked than liked, I suppose. :P Yeah, it's really freaky. He's been around for 8 years, but yesterday it suddenly clicked who he looked like.

They have the same smile! It's so strange.

Somewhere, Bing is waiting for the schedule to come out to see if and when the Pens play the Ducks and sharpening his elbows.

Muahaha. Speaking of, Pens/Kings pre-season game in Kansas City? Things that make you go hmm...

Mmm... yes! This should be interesting.

I have a story that I started ages ago that actually had Bobby and Jack as roomies in Vancouver. Maybe I was a bit psychic. :D

It's pretty clear that the hivemind controls almost everything that goes on in the NHL, so you could have made it happen. Ahh, Jack and Bobby! That's a TV show!

congratulations, you've ruined scarlett johansson for me. :(

The weirdest thing a fan has ever asked Bobby Ryan is if he's Scarlett Johansson's sister.

well, he already has a fake name. who knows what else he could be hiding?

obviously not his girlish terrors, but...

also, that icon makes me want to stick a spoon in donuts' mouth. which is disturbing on so many levels i have to go knock my head against a wall now.

If the spoon is full of ice cream I'm sure he would be very pleased!

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