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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Patrick Kane

I think these people are being serious

So every now and then - okay, pretty often - I get comments to my YouTube clips that makes me go, "WTF, REALLY???"

These are actual comments on a Patrick Kane clip:

From ToniteImPuckingYou: his eyes should be considered one of the wonders of the world.

From hockeylovinggirl89: His eyes are gorgeous. I'm pretty sure he's the best looking guy I've ever seen

For reference, here is a photo of Patrick Kane:

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Good choice in picture. I laughed. :P

Haha, SDQ posted that when she did her ASG post.

Your icon of him always reminds me of those old west photos they took after outlaws were shot. He's like Billy the Kid's proof of death pic.

Hahaha, I can totally see him as a Billy the Kid type from the Young Guns movies. My icon is actually his mug shot after the taxi driver incident, muahaha!

OFFTOPIC....but did you see who Bobby Ryan was "with" this weekend? I'm thinking JMFJ is hedging his bets if his Drew doesn't re-sign soon. ;)

OMG no, was it in his Twitter or something? Well, they were roommates at the Olympics...

ToniteImPuckingYou IS Patrick Kane.

And hockeylovinggirl89 is probably Sam Ganger.

There you go, Mae: mystery solved!

You should see the Ovechkin comments!

The thing is though.. she said the best she's ever seen. What if she grew up around ugly people?

No excuse. She obviously owns a computer, and probably a TV.

Here's my thing with Kaner, if you look at that picture, yes, that's a terrible picture. That said, I've seen some gorgeous guys who have taken some atrocious pictures.

Because really, you look at him a year or two older, with decent hair...

I mean, not saying anyone has to think he's the "best looking guy" they've ever seen, but that picture isn't a fully accurate representation ;)

Oh, I intentionally picked the worst photo I've ever seen of him. :P I just find it hilarious when people start waxing poetic about him.

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