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So very tired

I stayed up late last night hunting for documents, to no avail. :( Blech.

BUT! Two days ago when I was walking Tati home from school I saw Jasika Nicole (Astrid on Fringe)!!!!!! She was in the passenger seat of a car. The window was down and I walked right past her but I refrained from saying anything to her because she was texting and I didn't want to alarm her. :P I asked someone who knows her if she was in SF and they confirmed it so it really was her! :D

I've been catching up on various TV shows and... I really liked the Mentalist season finale! I love that they didn't find some contrived way to keep dragging things out. It's why I've always liked House. They're always changing things up and having stuff evolve.

Finally watched the pilot of Dark Angel. I'd already watched most of the first season, so this was like watching an origin episode for me. They would show flashbacks to the pilot throughout the first season so it was nice to watch it in its entirety. Always loved the soundtrack, and while I really like the show, the pilot seems even better.

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