The Invincible M.A.E. (harleymae) wrote,
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It's over!

*collapses* Never have I been happier for it to be past noon in my life.

Haven't updated in a few days. I talk about mostly hockey here, and thinking of hockey made me think about the Sharks, and thinking about the Sharks made me about how we were going to lose a bunch of people, and that made me depressed so ... no updates.

No mass exodus led by Teemu! The man is truly Duck-whipped, isn't he? We lost Bradley and McGillis, and we have Wayne Primeau, who I will not ever be able to watch without thinking of him saying, "Hold up right there, you think you're topping me?" to his brother. Thank you very much, Caerleigh! *grin*

Been playing Quake 3 CTF again on weekends. Everyone thinks I'm a guy again. No, actually, they think I'm a gay guy because I giggle so much.

Me: I'm a girl.
Them: Really? What are those nuts doing between your legs then?

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