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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Judgement day

The greatest piece of evidence in support of tomorrow being the apocalypse is that if the world doesn't end, either the Sharks or Canucks will advance to the Stanley Cup Final. :D

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we're all in for it! *giggle*

World still hasn't ended yet!

this is how tired i am: i stared for about 20 seconds trying to figure out how an unplayed game three could guarantee that.

then i kind of wanted to smack myself in the forehead, but i have a killer headache.

Ahh yeah, it wasn't that direct of an effect. No apocalypse yet!

if it were the preds you might have me.

Well, there's not really anything stopping the Predators besides their own suckiness. With the Sharks and Canucks, it's always like, well they could have gone further, but...

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