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Serenity now!

I miss Jason Demers. I am kind of happier with a blow out than one of those extended half-assed attempts to tie that makes the game drag on. Ben Eager was hilariously awful. I wonder what he said to Luongo. Anyway, I will be going to Game 4. Well, I plan to be going. The world might end before then. :(

I worked 13 hours yesterday. :( This is due to my own stupidity and laziness, though. I had to make up some work that I'd procrastinated on the previous two days. :P

Unsurprisingly, The Event and Human Target were cancelled. Brothers & Sisters was cancelled too, but I don't really care that much about that show. It's had a long enough run. I'm cautiously optimistic about Falling Skies and I definitely want to check out The Killing. Any other new summer shows I should check out?
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