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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Jason Demers

Serenity now!

I miss Jason Demers. I am kind of happier with a blow out than one of those extended half-assed attempts to tie that makes the game drag on. Ben Eager was hilariously awful. I wonder what he said to Luongo. Anyway, I will be going to Game 4. Well, I plan to be going. The world might end before then. :(

I worked 13 hours yesterday. :( This is due to my own stupidity and laziness, though. I had to make up some work that I'd procrastinated on the previous two days. :P

Unsurprisingly, The Event and Human Target were cancelled. Brothers & Sisters was cancelled too, but I don't really care that much about that show. It's had a long enough run. I'm cautiously optimistic about Falling Skies and I definitely want to check out The Killing. Any other new summer shows I should check out?

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i still predict a meteor hitting the rink before either of these teams gets to round four! :P

I'm glad you get to go to a game :)

There are no winners--only losers!

Thanks! Well, you know, if the world doesn't end on Saturday.

My main shows were 30 Rock, Community, Parks and Rec, and Merlin... so now I am left with nothing! It's very sad-making. :/ I'm gonna have to check out what decent summer shows are out there, so I can have my moments of squee, since I have no hockey either.

Hope you have fun at the game, and that they kick some ass and win! That would be very considerate of them.

I love summer TV! Leverage, Burn Notice, Rizzoli & Isles, lots of basic cable stuff.

Thanks! :D

A blowout is so much easier to recover from, in my opinion! It's a lot more draining/demoralizing to play WELL and still have things work out badly. After a blowout it's just like ... well, shit can't go WORSE.

It's funny that I've watched three series and it never really registered with me that you had Eager until last night. When it registered a lot. :|

I think a blowout kind of functions as a reset. So does losing to the Oilers. ;)

He scored the best Sharks goal of the year, LOL. Not even being ironic.

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