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"You're like the hillbilly whisperer."

Ahh, the Sharks will not let me sleep! :P Actually it wasn't too bad; woke up like 3-4 times but just turned the TV on and put it on a timer and went right back to sleep.

I finally started watching S2 of Justified and I love it so much! I find the South fascinating and I love that pretty much everyone on the show including guest stars or just people on the street are so sarcastic and laconic. The main character (it's a US Marshal) is great, but everyone else is really interesting too.

Team USA lost to the Czech Republic at Worlds 4-0 today (Jagr with the hat trick!) which was not a surprise. I mean, JMFJ is their best player, ahahaha. Which actually was great because they keep talking about him all the time. According to abby20, in a fit of grumpiness he killed Patrik Elias, but it was with a clean hit and not an elbow or cross check to the face as it has been in the past. :P At least they made it to the quarterfinals!

Will be going to see Tessa in the hospital later today.
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