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At least it wasn't an elbow?

abby20 shared the following with me:

LOYAL JACK: One player that never needs to be sold on international hockey is U.S. defenceman Jack Johnson.

The 24-year-old is currently representing his country for the ninth different time and made the trip to Slovakia almost immediately after his Los Angeles Kings were eliminated from the NHL playoffs. The reason behind his loyalty is simple.

"It's because we're not going very far in the playoffs," said Johnson. "If I can't win a Stanley Cup, I might as well try and win a gold medal. I have fun here — a lot of these guys I grew up playing with and have known for a long time.

"I don't have a wife and kid or anything and I love playing hockey."

It came as no surprise Johnson was named an alternate captain of the American team.

"I think he's a great example for all of the American players," said U.S. coach Scott Gordon. "When the call went out to him, his first words were 'What time am I going?' I've been a part of this now for three years and the Olympics also, and just being around him and how passionate he is about playing the game, that's the type of player you want to have on your team.

"He sets a great example for all of our players."

"I don't have a wife and kid or anything" hehehe. JMFJ never ceases to disgust/nauseate me and evoke deep admiration at the same time!

The Sweden-USA game was much more competitive than I thought it would be given the final score of 6-2. The US goals were a result of mistakes, poor defensive coverage or just... softies at the end. JMFJ punched Loui Eriksson in the face and cross-checked some other Swede in the face for which he got a penalty and seemed outraged and incredulous about it. :P

What was really funny though was the commentary where JMFJ CROSS CHECKS SOMEONE IN THE FACE and the announcers are like, oh, well, that's okay because the game is pretty much over the and the US will lose so it's okay for him to take a penalty and it's great he has so much passion!

I'm not actually exaggerating. Video:

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