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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Devin Setoguchi

Deja vu

With my bizarre lack of nerves, I was actually able to just sit back and enjoy a game played really well by two good teams. Every scoring chance is earned and so is offensive zone time. And then it went into OT and I started to get nervous...

Tonight Detroit clearly had the better scoring opportunities and time of possession, but the boys did pretty good with getting into lanes and especially blocking shots. Niemi was very sharp tonight and made several key saves. I think all 3 of the Detroit goals were scored with the Sharks scrambling around in front of their net as a result of sustained pressure.

The game was really good but started to drag towards the end of the 3rd period. I thought the Wings were basically going to lock it down, but instead they seemed to be sitting back and I thought the Sharks might be able to exploit that... but it's one thing to think it and another for it to happen!

Overall, the Sharks did produce several great opportunities (that they failed on) and I thought they were going to pay for that but they came through in the end. This is the kind of stupid game I've been on the other side of too many times where the Sharks played better and lost, so I will take this. :P

Despite a few penalties being called, the Wings and Sharks were merrily tripping each other up all night with no call. Are our PPs good or our PKs bad? Hmm.

I thought that Kronwall had killed Heatley (and didn't care) but then he CAME BACK and then I was concerned about his health and possibly playing through a concussion and I CAN'T BELIEVE HE PUT ME IN A POSITION WHERE I WAS WORRIED ABOUT HIM. What a jackass.

But then he pretty much saved the game in OT with a shot block (I am still actually talking about Heatley) so I suppose it's good that he doesn't have a concussion. Or at least I hope he doesn't!

Devin scored the last two times he played in Detroit, and apparently the assistant coach made a special video (sounds seedy, yeah) for him of his goals and good moves and whatever and... apparently it worked! Holy crap, a playoff hat trick OT goal to follow up his OT goal from that ridiculous comeback game vs the Kings. For all of the great opportunities in OT and fairly good defensive coverage, Devin wins it with not a good scoring chance but a perfect shot.

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What a jackass.

This was the best zinger of all zingers. LOLOLOLOL. :)

GWG in OT in Game 3 AGAIN.

It's inconsiderate of him to not take care of himself!

Oh hey, didn't think of the Game 3 thing.

He made you CARE? Oh, the horror. :/

Well, just in the sense that he's human and I wouldn't want him to get super double concussed like Crosby. Ugh.

I am not entirely sure that he's human. Hence the lack of concussion.

He is quite hideous, but doesn't have that non-human element that Chara and Malkin have, unfortunately. :(

Yes he does, it's just hidden in his SOUL (or place where a soul should be).

Would heatly be better or worse as a zombie?

I think better because he would just be an average zombie, whereas he is a hideous human.

Actually, if Heatley is blocking shots that's probably a pretty good sign that he is concussed... :P

He's been doing that some, especially when killing penalties (I am still actually talking about Heatley).

Then you should talk about something else before the trauma becomes too much for you! Quick, tell me about... baseball! Is that less traumatic?

Well, umm... Devin and Logan talked about their potential OT celebrations in the 3rd intermission and had independently decided on doing the same one and were competing to get it first!

You'd think I could hate the Sharks because of what's going on, but your commentary always makes me like them just a little bit. So I hate you! ;P

Also: "the Wings and Sharks were merrily tripping each other up all night" too true, but merrily? LOL I love that, I have images of them gleefully jamming sticks into each others' skates now.

Heatley. Ew. I loved that hit though, Kronwall was all off balance and had an arm in the air, and it looked kind of like he was punching the air in celebration, and I wanted to laugh because I'd do that if I laid out Heatley. Just saying.

Hee hee!

They pretty much were ! Every five minutes somebody was face planting and the refs were like *ignore*

At first I was all concerned, like, who got killed??? Then it was like oh, it's just Heatley, haha. I thought he was going to be out of the game, but then he came back just like a cockroach!

Bwahahaha oh hearing Heatley compared to a cockroach just made my night!

Haha, I'm glad. It's always the gross ones who are surprisingly resilient, sadly.

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