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White people are so complicated with their different coloured hair and eyes

Does anybody watch The Killing? What do you think of it?

Weirdly not nervous again. I don't know how much longer I can blame it on the Kings series. I mean, it was very painful, but I was much more zen about it than past playoff rounds. I have been exercising (which has helped with the sleep) so maybe that's why.

I'm kind of... well I suppose not necessarily surprised at the reaction to the Shea Weber/Ryan Kesler penalty last night in OT. But let me preface it by saying that I think penalties should be called the same all the time, regular season, playoffs, OT, no make ups, no evening out when there are disparities, etc.

To me, this is just about being fair. If you have a team that does nothing but mug the other team an entire game and the other team doesn't commit a penalty, so be it. Call ten penalties on one team and none on the other. And not calling penalties in the playoffs/OT is problematic. Let's say a low-talent player decides to bear hug Datsyuk for a minute. How is this fair? They just eliminated a really skillful player for a minute at no cost, basically. What's the point of being a better player when that advantage can be negated so easily?

Why should it matter (to the refs) that Shea Weber is a key penalty killer, as Keenan pointed out? Why does he bring his stick up into Kesler's body at all? This is a clear-cut penalty in the regular season, even if it's just for a moment. So it's an OT playoff game, you let him keep it there for a few seconds. But the stick stays there. There's comments that Kesler pinned the stick to his body. But if you look at Kesler along the boards, he has that right arm raised enough of the time that Weber could have removed his stick if he wanted to.

But now to more important things, like... has JMFJ been highlighting his hair? See, these things were very easy for me back home. You have black hair and brown eyes. Everyone has black hair and brown eyes. None of this... complicated white people blue and green and hazel and grey eyes and... blonde, dirty blonde, strawberry blonde, different shades of brown and red and whatever. BLACK HAIR AND BROWN EYES.

It took me long enough to figure out that his eyes are green. And I was pretty sure that he's blonde. But then...

Team USA went to a steel plant (LOL) in Slovakia instead of practicing. This is a photo from the visit. His hair looks pretty dark here! I would just call this brown, I think. But then from like two days earlier...

That looks kind of yellowish-blonde! I mean I know the lighting is different and everything, but it seems so much lighter.

Depressed Olympics photo from last year. Blonde.

Jack Johnson

Not sure when this is from. Maybe a couple of years ago? Dark blonde? And then there's this one (apologies for the trauma):

Much, much lighter. And I know it's the lighting and maybe he was outdoors a lot blah blah. But... did he highlight his hair? That seems so unlike him, somehow. And he does have that weird blondish stubble that he obviously didn't highlight.
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