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No really, Ferriero? And on his birthday! Aww. :) Yet again, really solid games from Pavelski and Clowe and Logan, and even Torrey was going good, getting some nice scoring chances and even hitting people and knocking them over! Demers was fucking awesome. The anti-Error.

Yesterday was the calmest I've ever been for a playoff game. I think I'm still recovering from the Kings series and my possibly related stretch of sleep deprivation and I totally wasn't prepared to get nervous for the game. Watching the game was good, the boys actually played well. I think it was like OH SHIT IT'S THE RED WINGS and they knew they couldn't suck like they did last round. :P The Wings were definitely rusty, or whatever you want to call it, and they won't be next game so I hope the boys can keep it up.

I actually had fun watching the game! Usually I spend entire playoff games terrified and nauseous, so this was very different for me. I really like how the teams basically alternate spending 2 minutes in each other's zones. :P The regular season games with the Wings and Canucks were the most fun for me for that reason.

I'm currently watching Worlds. Because of JMFJ. *sigh* They just interviewed him! His hair is sticking up and he has cracking voice again, haha. Announcers talking non-stop about him, because really are you going to talk about... Mike Brown? Zach Parise is randomly doing analysis for the game.

harleymae: Ahhh, he's paired with Cam Fowler! Who is from Michigan *sigh* I'm sure they're going to bond
harleymae: Over living in LA blah blah
robi0688 basically they're going to be tournament besties.
harleymae: Yeeeees
harleymae: Fowler will follow him around like a little duckling
harleymae: (he's kinda' cute)
harleymae: *ahem*
robi0688 in not wecametowin verse, it probably ends in boning
harleymae: Yeah
harleymae: Drunken blowjobs! :)
robi0688 jmfj's specialty ;)
harleymae: Or, in 2mins4slashing, JMFJ would probably be abusing Cam Fowler or something
harleymae: DEFLOWERING him
robi0688 defowlering.
robi0688 if you will

Heading down to Mountain View to celebrate tersa's birthday today! :D
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