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Playoff Picks, Round 2

I'm partly nauseous from sleep deprivation and also from seeing the Preds on my TV hahaha. Round 2 is traditionally where I do terribly in picks because my emotions totally take over, and I... imagine this will continue.

Lighting/Capitals: Apparently I picked the Lightning as the dark horse coming out of the east. I don't know, so much depends on how good Roloson is. Despite the Caps finishing their series in 5, I didn't think they looked that great against the Rangers. Hmm, looking at the season series isn't really helping me out. I'll wuss out and fall back to my round 1 gut feeling. :) Lightning


Predators/Canucks: DIE DIE DIE!!! Ugh, the Canucks basically think they already won the Stanley Cup. Will they keep playing hockey? I hope so. Canucks

Red Wings/Sharks: The Sharks were so bad in Round 1. My brain tells me, for the first time, that they will lose. But I also tell myself things about how the Sharks underestimated the Kings and lots of good teams have had shitty first rounds in the past and blah blah blah. Sharks

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