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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Brian Boucher

Bits and pieces

So for Game 6 I was trying to do that kooky visualization shit, and was like... why isn't it working??? Then at the 3rd intermission I realized that I was wearing a BLACKHAWKS T-shirt (I totally forgot) and changed out of it into a Sharks playoff T-shirt for the OT. :P

The postgame interviews with the Sharks were the usual boring shit, but there were a couple of noteworthy things:

Skip to 1:20 or so and watch the boys eating pizza in the background. Pavelski starts picking shit off immediately and Boyle takes one bite and THROWS THE SLICE AWAY immediately ahahaha. And then when he walks out of the room later his cheeks are BULGING.

Also, I noticed that the Sharks T-shirts say "FOR YOU... I WILL..." on the back, which is like... well... SUPER GAY!!! :D And also, this song:

What is this crazy first round? Man. I love Ryan Miller lots and lots, but my love for Boosh eclipses that. I am so proud and happy for him! Favourite backup goalie ever, LOL.

And I thought that the Sharks always make things difficult for themselves, but the Canucks take the cake. With all of the repeated fucking up of fantastic scoring chances and having Error on the ice, it felt like watching the Sharks. :P

I am... looking forward to reading the Kings' exit interviews. *sigh*

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delurking for a second

I'm glad I'm not the only one amused by the t-shirts and Pizza-eating habits of the Sharks. Is Pavs vegetarian or something?

Did you see the interview w/Jumbo where one of the interviewers said something like "After all the criticism you get in the press from people like me for being a choker in the playoffs, do you think this game silenced that?" and Joe said "Honestly, I don't really read what you guys write. I read Playboy and things like that." Hilarious.

Super scared of the Wings, but what can you do?

(Got here from 2mins4slashing btw)

Re: delurking for a second

Haha, good question, maybe he doesn't like... onions or mushrooms or bell peppers or something? Boyle totally cracked me up with his instant toss of the slice!

I did see that! Such a typical Joe joke with his slightly quirky (and often uncomfortable) humour. Patty is a bit like that too. I think my favourite thing he ever said was, "People used to expect more things out of me, like facial expressions." And true to character there he was on the ice, all the boys flipping out and beaming and Patty's like... *blank face* ♥

Well, they will be extra motivated because we beat them last year and they're getting Franzen and Zetterberg back. They're still beatable because Jimmy Howard is in goal, but if the Sharks play at the leve they did in Round 1 they're just going to lose. Have to hope they can raise their level! :)

(Hello! What did you read? The zombie fic? LOL.)

Re: delurking for a second

Agreed. Also, Nemo needs to start playing like he was in February if they are going to have any chance. With this series, I'm hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

(Yup, I read the zombie!fic. I tend to read pretty much everything on there that is even marginally well written, so it was awesome to get something that was not only well written but featured my favorite team. :))

Re: delurking for a second

Well, I think he didn't have a great start to the playoffs last season against the Preds, so hopefully he'll pick it up next round!

Aww, I'm glad you liked it! :) I'll have to start putting Logan into the fic in light of his twitterbromance with Devin, heh.

Re: delurking for a second

I love their twitter bromance. I find it hilariously awkward that Logan hasn't yet built up a filter for what he says on twitter.

Re: delurking for a second

Well, I'm sure that all the children got a talking to from Mommy and Daddy after the Terry Murray handshake thing. :P

Re: delurking for a second


I know you probably were referring to Todd McLellan/Doug Wilson/the organization, but is it bad that when you said Mommy and Daddy I thought of Patrick Marleau and Joe Thornton?

Re: delurking for a second

Haha, you know what's funny a few years ago I assigned family positions to most of the team and Patty was Daddy and Joe was Mommy! Kyle McLaren and Scott Hannan were the lesbian aunts and Vlasic was their rebellious teenager who never listens to them. And Nabby was the cat and Vesa was the dog. I can't remember the rest.

Re: delurking for a second

Hilarious! I can see Nabby as the cat pouncing on pucks like they were balls of yarn. You should re-do that for the current set of Sharks.

I kinda picture Patty as the Mommy, the responsible one who doesn't get mad at the kiddies, just disappointed. And Jumbo as the loud, fun-loving, slightly irresponsible Dad. (Yet I don't really ship them.)

Re: delurking for a second

Hehe, I'll think about it! There seems to be a litter of bratty kids at the moment...

I see Joe as Mommy cos' he's so encouraging, always giving the kids hugs and kisses and milk and cookies, whereas Daddy is kind of serious and working hard to bring home the bacon. I can see it the other way too, though. I don't ship them either! I mean, they certainly say enough nice things about each other, but somehow it just doesn't work.

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