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The Invincible M.A.E.

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I hope the Sharks are watching the Pens game!

Hockey all day makes me happy! Although of course I'm always nervous on a Sharks gameday. *hops* It seems like every playoffs there's some of hockey hivemind thing going on where a ton of series will display some anomalous trait. Like this year it's all of the road teams winning in a big glut, huge comebacks and unusually high-scoring games. (Or it seems to me, anyway, I don't remember this many goals scored in the first round in past years).

Game 4 was a much better game than Game 3. The Sharks are no longer playing like crap, which makes me happy. :)

I had a feeling that something good was going to happen when Donuts and Scott Nichol went to the box, making it a 4-on-4. We've had good success against the Kings 4-on-4 even going back to the regular season, and not having Donuts on the ice was a big deal.

I love that we have so many different goal scorers and that even Demers and Torrey Mitchell got goals. :D

I know all the boys are repeating the mantra of how the 4th game is the most difficult to win, but I don't know if they really understand it. :P Scott Parse is coming back into the lineup, which is significant only because it means somebody useless is going to be replaced.

Okay, so I thought the roughing penalties to Scott Nichol and Donuts were the turning point of the game, but... does Terry Murray really have to say that publicly? It's like, you don't have to play these games with Donuts to teach him a lesson or whatever. He knows and he learns.

Also, how can you put JMFJ and Little Mexican together as a pairing when you KNOW that the Sharks get good scoring chances 4-on-4? It's like... knowing that you might be coming down with a cold and then going partying and drinking all night. And not just once--they were together on the second Sharks goal too!

Donuts talked about how Scott Nichol "knocked out his teeth" and I was like... oh that's right, I did notice that he seemed to be missing his lower teeth cap thingie during the game. But he made it sound like Nichol was the one who broke his teeth and... his teeth were already like that! I've seen the photo. *weeps* So misleading. :P

Anyway, go Sharks. *throws up*

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It's definitely true that scoring seems way up this year, other than the Wings' series almost every other series has seen a high amount of goals.

The Wings series had a decent number of goals too!

True, but at least we didn't go past 4 (goals per game per team)? Between the Hawks and the Bolts, that's 15 in just 2 games!

Edited at 2011-04-24 12:07 am (UTC)

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