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I feel like Kyle Clifford looks

I went to bed before midnight because I was just so completely drained after the game and then woke up at 2 AM and didn't fall back asleep until 4:30. :( So I'm really... low on resources today.

I figured Game 2 was good for the Sharks and would be sufficient to deliver the STOP SUCKING message, but apparently not! :P When Penner was actually useful with an assist on the 3rd goal I was like, LOL we're doomed. I know there are going to be media people who are like wow, what a good game, but... no, it wasn't! It was horrible and it made me feel the way Kyle Clifford looks.

I actually whined bitterly to tersa for the first time ever about a playoff game after the score went to 4-0. And I have never done that before! Not through the first round upset by the Ducks, not through going down 3-0 in the Stars series, not through not hanging on to the lead in Game 4 of the Wings series (which would have resulted in a 3-1 series lead, vs. 2-2 back to Detroit), not through any of that, but last night I whined. It's like, why do they always have to make things so difficult? Why? Why play so scared? Why do they always need a big kick in the ass?

I understand the reasons for the way they played in previous years (mostly due to the personalities of the guys we had) but this year I don't. Anyway, rant out, I was just going to kick back and relax and like... watch for Donuts/JMFJ moments or something, and thinking that the series was turning out to be much less stressful than I thought it would be... then the Sharks started scoring goals and by the end of the period I was totally wrecked.

The change was so stark. I've been screaming SUSTAINED FORECHECK in all the games and it was finally there. No more dumping it in and then it comes out a few seconds later because someone lost a board battle or wasn't in the right position to retrieve pucks. I was so proud of Vlasic I could cry on that one goal (#3 or #4?) where he kept holding the puck in.

Coming back from 4-0 to 4-3, well, we've seen that a few times in the regular season by other teams, and even in the Coyotes/Wings series. But to give up a goal 5 seconds after pulling within 1 goal and to keep going and tie it up before the end of the period? What team is this? *cries*

It was a night of very few penalty calls. I saw at least one boarding penalty from both Douglas Murray and Joe Thornton that was uncalled, but there were also several other penalties (committed by both teams) that were let go. I figure the refs were like, well obviously these teams don't need any help scoring. :P

abby20 and I were so dead. So dead. And as the end of the third period approached, I was like, please somebody win it early. Anybody. Just don't go into 4 OTs. She was wondering which team would be crushed by a loss. Cos' it's obviously pretty bad to have a 4-0 lead and end up losing, but it's also bad to fight so hard to come back and lose.

But you know, WE SCORED ON OUR OWN GOALIE IN OT LAST YEAR. So I don't think anything really crushes the Sharks anymore. :P Or, you know, I personally wouldn't have been crushed.

When I'd moved on from complaining about the Sharks to complaining about exhaustion, I started reminiscing about going to Game 2 vs the Avs last year with lastcatastrophe and how we were both sickly and sleep-deprived and the game consisted of trading goals all the way to 5-5 (with the tying goal scored on an empty-netter) and how we turned to each other after and said weakly, "I can't take this anymore!" And then Devin scored in OT.

And then he did it again last night. After watching the Miracle on Manchester History Will Be Made commercial (you can't make this shit up).

Donuts was a -3 last night and JMFJ somehow emerged +1. At least one of them was on the ice for all of the Sharks even strength goals, and they were together on Logan's goal (which JMFJ screwed up on).

I was thinking that Staples Center was surprisingly noisy (because it's usually really quiet) and I found out it was because a Mercury News writer (Purdy) wrote an article about how quiet Staples Center is and they made copies and handed them out to all the fans going to the game! I am much less impressed now by the volume.

I did really enjoy the "Drew" chant though! Aww. :) And there seemed to be a lot of noise after Sharks goals. Not as much as for the Wings in Phoenix, but it was pretty noticeable.

So guess who was supposed to be Devin's guy on the OT goal? Who was being lazy on the backcheck? It's big, fat and starts with a P. The Kings fans must hate him so much.

I am really dying here. I just coughed so much I almost threw up. Please let me sleep tonight. *cries*
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