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The Schaefer-Stalock Effect

So I spent all day freaking throwing up (pretty much) because I was so sleep-deprived, and after we were down 3-0 I went to take a nice shower, came back, relaxed, felt good, then the Sharks started... scoring goals. Then the Kings scored another goal. Then the Sharks scored more goals. And I was not relaxed anymore.

Then Abby and I spent the rest of the game bitching about how horrible the game was, hahaha. I will have thoughts tomorrow. Right now I have... nothing. No, that's not right, I have 2 things:

1) How does DEATH INCARNATE (aka Kyle Clifford) score on us 2 games in a row?
2) Why is our series being dictated by a bipolar 21-year-old who for sure was fat and is afraid of birds?

Anyway, I attribute the win to the Schaefer-Stalock Effect, which means you put in a goalie who makes everyone nervous and then they're like OH SHIT WE HAVE TO PLAY HOCKEY!!!
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