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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Devin Setoguchi

The Schaefer-Stalock Effect

So I spent all day freaking throwing up (pretty much) because I was so sleep-deprived, and after we were down 3-0 I went to take a nice shower, came back, relaxed, felt good, then the Sharks started... scoring goals. Then the Kings scored another goal. Then the Sharks scored more goals. And I was not relaxed anymore.

Then Abby and I spent the rest of the game bitching about how horrible the game was, hahaha. I will have thoughts tomorrow. Right now I have... nothing. No, that's not right, I have 2 things:

1) How does DEATH INCARNATE (aka Kyle Clifford) score on us 2 games in a row?
2) Why is our series being dictated by a bipolar 21-year-old who for sure was fat and is afraid of birds?

Anyway, I attribute the win to the Schaefer-Stalock Effect, which means you put in a goalie who makes everyone nervous and then they're like OH SHIT WE HAVE TO PLAY HOCKEY!!!

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My favorite bit was in the 2nd period during that scrum involving Clowe, where Heatley was in the middle of a bunch of Kings and kept getting facewashed and everywhere he turned he couldn't escape a facewash.

Friends don't let friends see Heatley's face. They were trying to protect their teammates and the general public. I approve.

...I can't believe I don't have a Ryane Clowe ANGRY NEWFIE icon. WTF is my life?

He certainly does have a lot of snarly faces!

I greatly admired Wayne Simmonds' courage for not bursting into tears at being face to face with Heatley.

That was fucking hilarious! I was thinking YOU SHOW HIM SIMMER!!! And Richardson and Clifford got into it too. But then I stopped laughing because Heatley's helmet was knocked off and you could see his stupid bald spot. :( Why is it he and Getzlaf ALWAYS lose their helmets? *cries*

Also, one of the linesman grabbed JMFJ and ended up giving him like a big brotherly hug and it's like... really? Of all the guys there, JMFJ is the problem? All he's doing is smirking.

Gold Star to Simmer for being face to face with Heatley and not BREAKING DOWN CRYING.

All our goalies make me nervous. Fucking Finns.

Hey, at least neither of them is DAN ELLIS.

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