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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Playoffs = No Sleep till Brooklyn

I will have to plead the 5th on talking about Game 2 for now other than to say that was good for the Sharks (although I would have preferred my solution of just yelling "YOU SUCK" at everyone continuously after Game 1). :P

I'm very pleased with the proliferation of zombies recently, especially in places where you wouldn't normally see them! They appeared on House and on Fringe (although they're not that weird on Fringe, I guess). I'm going to assume that this is due to the awesomeness of The Walking Dead.

I am such an old person now. My means of getting "new" music is watching CW shows like Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries haha.

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LOL thats totally where I get new music from hahah. though different shows, but the same idea.

Radio just seems to generally be craptastic these days! Pandora has been pretty good for me too. :)

Ahhhh Vampire Diaries. I have SO MANY FEELINGS about Vampire Diaries. .... season one, I still haven't started on season 2. I'm waiting to mainline it.

Dude that show is surprisingly good! And I'm at about the same point as you! I think I watched a couple of episodes of S2 (to see how the cliffhanger resolved) but that's it.

CAROLINE. All the feelings about caroline.

Haha, I used to know about new music thanks to One Tree Hill.

Now I don't know any new music!

One Tree Hill seems to be a good one for music! Fairly often I find the songs I like have appeared in that show.

We looooved The Walking Dead.

I kept asking questions and Myr was like HAVENT YOU EVER SEEN A ZOMBIE MOVIE??? Pretty much, no. (Except for 28 days later, which I did like.)

LOL!!! There is actually great debate over whether 28 Days Later is an actual zombie movie or not (since the "zombies" aren't dead). But it's like... the same thing, really. Except they are fast!

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