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The ongoing Twitterbromance of Devin Setoguchi and Logan Couture

Tati is sick and breathed all over me while we were cuddling before she went to sleep so I have loaded up on Vitamin C and went to sleep early last night. So far so good!

Devin and Logan are at it again on Twitter!

seto1661 Support my beard growth during the playoff run. Pledge at tomake sure I raise more money then @Logancouture !
Logancouture Everyone, support my attempt at growing a beard during the playoffs! Pledge at help me raise more money than @seto1661!
Logancouture @seto1661 greasy? Have you looked in the mirror lately!? Anyways please help me out people! Pretty please...hah!
seto1661 Those who think @Logancouture can grow a better beard then me here's proof mines coming in great ha!
Logancouture Already conceded the battle with @seto1661 Some 16 year olds grow better beards than me. But beards are overrated, all about the moustaches
Logancouture not to many people can grow one, and look as good as I do...#thatswhatsupbitches But please pledge at #helpabroout
seto1661 all jokes aside every dollar helps so everyone pledge! But in all honesty its called a #beardathon not a #peachfuzzathon so vote right ha

Keep in mind that Logan is, as Devin says, the whitest guy on the team.

This is the calmest I've ever been for the playoffs. Maybe I'm just getting older. Or other things are happening that are taking my attention. Possibly those are the same things.

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