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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Day 1 and I'm already exhausted

I AM GOING TO GAME 1 TOMORROW WITH tersa and lastcatastrophe!!!!!!! Sadly, I will not be bringing a giant poster of birds to terrify Donuts with. :(

This was my uhh... "highlight" of today.

Well, I watched parts of all 5 games today. But the first 3 games weren't that great and I missed most of the 2 late games because Tati declared that it was "Mae's day", which means that I got to brush her teeth, read her a story, change her into her jammies and put her to sleep. She was super chatty tonight too while I was lying in the bay window with her.

TATI: I love you Mae, you're my best friend. *pauses* Ruby's my best friend too. *flips onto her side* I want back rubs.

♥ ♥ ♥ I'm still planning to take her to a baseball game before summer hits and it gets too cold (trust me, this makes sense in San Francisco). But man, tickets are so expensive. Stupid World Series Champions. :P

Emrick somehow managed to irritate me 5 minutes into the playoffs. After the Yotes scored, he said, "In a climate warmer than Detroit, there is celebration right now." FUCK YOU JUST SAY THEY'RE CELEBRATING IN PHOENIX. Like, Razor can say things indirectly because he's intelligent, witty, humorous and insightful, NONE OF THE THINGS THAT EMRICK IS. Other than that, just say things plainly. Don't fucking call the red line the "checkered line". He must have some hardcore Dunning-Kruger shit going on where he perceives himself as being intelligent or something. Not to mention his fucking horrible voice. I like PIERRE more than Emrick. DOUBLE DION was at least creative. :P

I think I just lose more patience with him with every year because every horrifying SCF he called is burned into my brain. ;)

I've been very slowly watching the opening day game in bits and pieces. Brian Wilson said that Cooperstown wanted the ball he got the final out of the World Series with, but he told them to go fuck themselves and gave it to a season ticket holder instead, heh. Then he took the WS Champion flag and ran across the field and up a ladder and steps to the flagpoles to raise the flag. They played his entrance music "Jump Around" but it went much longer than usual and got to the line "smacking a ho" and it wasn't censored LOL! It's SF. :)

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I'm really glad I'm not stuck watching Versus. :P

I miss Jim Hughson. *sniffle*

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