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So we could play the Kings. Or the Yotes. Or the Hawks. Oh, and possibly the Preds.

"They're fisting out there, we'll fist too."

Yes, they actually said this before the Giants game today. And then they bumped the orange fists with the World Series ring. This was worse than the children chanting "DP!" at the Isles game I went to. :(

Giants torture resumes with two walk-off wins at home (including the classic Brian Wilson blown save). You're welcome.

Sharks clinch 2nd in the playoffs with a win over the Yotes tonight, and Ducks clinch 4th so we're not meeting them in the first round (thanks, Kings). Who we play against is dependent entirely on the outcome of the Red Wings/Blackhawks game. There are 4 possible opponents:

  1. Phoenix, if Chicago wins in regulation or OT.
  2. Nashville, if Chicago wins in a shootout.
  3. LA, if Chicago loses in regulation.
  4. Chicago, if Chicago loses in OT or shootout.

Given that it's a meaningless game for the Red Wings, scenario 1 seems to be the most likely. I'm okay with a Phoenix series. Our record against them this season is 5-1, and we only lost the 1 game because we were practicing our PK and then suddenly noticed halfway through that it wasn't a PK practice, but an NHL game.

Assorted Logan-related trauma:
Logan - "(Joe Thornton)'s going to find the open spot, he's going to find me"
Randy - "Logan Couture getting his stick ready for action"
Brodie - "Did Logan Couture just blow a kiss to Heatley?"

My player of the game is Pavelski, though. I feel like he's just so consistent and steady and he actually finishes. Niemi had a fantastic game too. Someone asked him after the game if he felt happy about his great performance and he had this expression of utter boredom on this face. Also, he looks like Matt Damon. :(

It's a different feeling going into the playoffs. Usually I feel really nervous and hopeful and excited, but this year it's more like... let's see what happens. I have confidence based on one thing: the Giants won the World Series and championships are contagious, haha.

I really loved the Ian White goal because it was the result of a lot of sustained pressure. Those are my favourite. Maybe I've just seen too many instances of sustained pressure not being rewarded or something.

7 20-goal scorers this season! :D

I'm glad the Sharks didn't suck because lastcatastrophe was at the game tonight. :) Still can't quite believe that the regular season is over for us.

I shouted for all of the Sharks goals, but I really screamed when I thought JMFJ scored a goal cos' he's been waiting on his 100th NHL point forever. It was actually Ryan Smyth's goal but JMFJ got the secondary assist (Donuts got the primary, which is fitting) so he still got his 100th point. I kind of scared myself with how excited I got for him...

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