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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Jack Johnson

Go Blue?

So JMFJ and Matt Greene are road roommates and they went to Michigan and UND respectively. Their teams met in the Frozen Four semifinal today (Michigan won).

“Friendly banter?” Greene offered. “Yeah, we’ve talked about it. Maybe (wager) dinner or something like that, or a hotel-room bill, since we’re roomies.”

In the comments to the article, everyone decided that "hotel-room bill" referred to either hookers or porn ahahahaha.

Article here: School ties for Greene, Johnson

Posted by Rich Hammond on 31 March 2011, 4:30 pm

It doesn’t seem as though the “Frozen Four” will lead to a Cold War in the Kings’ locker room. Among the four teams remaining in the NCAA hockey tournament are North Dakota (Matt Greene’s school) and the University of Michigan (Jack Johnson’s school) and they will meet in next Thursday’s national semifinals. Greene and Johnson also happen to be roommates on the road, so it’s safe to say that the college matchup could fuel some…

“Friendly banter?” Greene offered. “Yeah, we’ve talked about it. Maybe (wager) dinner or something like that, or a hotel-room bill, since we’re roomies.”

Johnson played at Michigan for two years and Greene played at North Dakota for three years. The Kings have other tie-ins at North Dakota, as the team includes Derek Forbort, the Kings’ first-round pick last year, as well as Brett Hextall, son of Kings assistant general manager Ron Hextall. Greene said he keeps tabs on his alma mater…

GREENE: “I check up on them. I don’t know the exact stats, but I know when they’re playing and I’m obviously paying attention now because it’s the Frozen Four and it’s a big deal. I’m sure Jack is proud of Michigan, and I’m proud of UND. … A lot of the coaches that are there are the same coaches as when I was there, and the training staff. In the community in general, not a lot changes, so it’s fun to follow them and fun to be a part of it. It’s cool to see them having success.”

The Michigan goalie Shawn Hunwick is the younger brother of Matt Hunwick, who is the guy JMFJ shares a bachelor pad (LOL) with in the off-season.

thekatcameback: I am pretty much donuts in real life, sadly.
thekatcameback: and my brother is jmfj.
thekatcameback: there is no sexual tension. I feel ilke I should say that.

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Hahaha, that definitely means hooker and porn. JJ is probably over the moon right now.

There was this feature that was up briefly last night asking the guys whose ride is the worst, and who's the best and worst dressed. Matt Greene has the worst ride cos' he has an '89 Jeep (AS OLD AS DREW) and JJ said it's "so bad it's awesome" and Drew complained that he got a ride home in it every day his first year and it was freezing haha. Matt Greene was also worst dressed cos' he wears sweatpants all the time, with some votes for Scuderi.

But now I can't find it anymore! :( I think maybe they put it up too early.

A few things-

-Shawn Hunwick is WEE AND ADORABLE.
- JMFJ/Hunwich sharing a house is THE AWESOMEST THING EVER
- ....even if it breaks up Hunwick/Hensick.
- I love college boys in the NHL.

-Shawn Hunwick is WEE AND ADORABLE.
Oh, you will love him forever won't you?

The house is just an off-season thing! I suspect JMFJ just uses it for sexytimes as he LIVES WITH HIS PARENTS. I disturb myself every time I say that.

I saw him years ago as a backup and he was very small and as such I have always adored him. Also I really liked his brother.

Hee! Probably.

I feel like JMFJ is this... big American slut because he always seems to know people all over the NHL and have some kind of connection with them and it turns out to be either Michigan or US development program, and it's like... he seems to be really friendly!

And then the next day she said she has a thing for a player who happens to look like her brother ahahaha.

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