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When I learn to control my powers, the world will be in trouble

Well, it pretty much turned out the way I thought it would last night, with the Sharks getting blown out and the Kings winning to clinch a playoff spot. Odd as it sounds, I have no problem with the Sharks game. I could see that everyone had checked out, and I kind of don't begrudge the team that. I feel a bit sorry for Niittymaki, but I think the goal was just to get him into a game. Mission accomplished. The Wings lost, so the Sharks still have control over the #2 seed (should they want it *coughs*).

When it got to 3-0, I had two thoughts: 1) if the Sharks score a goal, I'll be happy (they did), 2) Corey Perry is getting a hat trick (he did). Then when I switched over to the Kings game, with 6 minutes left in the 3rd and decided the Kings would win in a shootout (they did). I'm generally much better at predicting stuff for which I'm not emotionally invested. :P

Two more games, guys. Two more to the playoffs. It feels so different this year, like I'm taking it one day at a time. I'm not nervous or sickened or anything. I think it's to do with my entire schedule being knocked askew by last year's deep run and the Giants winning the World Series (*CRIES*). It feels good. :)

Also, Donuts and Willie Mitchell went to a rescue farm together and hugged cows. I'm not kidding. DONUTS HUGGED A COW.
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