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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Drew Doughty

When I learn to control my powers, the world will be in trouble

Well, it pretty much turned out the way I thought it would last night, with the Sharks getting blown out and the Kings winning to clinch a playoff spot. Odd as it sounds, I have no problem with the Sharks game. I could see that everyone had checked out, and I kind of don't begrudge the team that. I feel a bit sorry for Niittymaki, but I think the goal was just to get him into a game. Mission accomplished. The Wings lost, so the Sharks still have control over the #2 seed (should they want it *coughs*).

When it got to 3-0, I had two thoughts: 1) if the Sharks score a goal, I'll be happy (they did), 2) Corey Perry is getting a hat trick (he did). Then when I switched over to the Kings game, with 6 minutes left in the 3rd and decided the Kings would win in a shootout (they did). I'm generally much better at predicting stuff for which I'm not emotionally invested. :P

Two more games, guys. Two more to the playoffs. It feels so different this year, like I'm taking it one day at a time. I'm not nervous or sickened or anything. I think it's to do with my entire schedule being knocked askew by last year's deep run and the Giants winning the World Series (*CRIES*). It feels good. :)

Also, Donuts and Willie Mitchell went to a rescue farm together and hugged cows. I'm not kidding. DONUTS HUGGED A COW.

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OK!!! Did you notice that during one of the hug piles that Donuts was on the outside of it? So JACK went and hugged JUST HIM!

Clinching the playoffs fic (sex)

Michigan making it to the Finals fic (sex)


BTW... I never gave you feedback on your epic, but honestly, I read it all at one time, and then I read every chapter as you posted it on 2Mins also!

Ahh I DIDN'T SEE IT!!!! Was it in photos? Video? I had the Kings feed! Ahhhhhhhhh!!! *frantic* I know that Donuts was on the perimeter a lot and... trying to eat various people. And JJ dove right into the middle of the pile and got swallowed up. So he hugged him when he emerged? *SQUEE*

Oh man, there is definitely so much sex (err, in my mind).

Aww!!! ♥ So you liked it? :D

I didn't actually see it, my buddy in crime with your fics saw it. hahaha!!! She said she was DYING when she saw them search each other out to hug. lol!

My friend and I BOTH loved it! If you ever need help with ideas, we're here for you! And we've decided that if Jack and Drew aren't EXACTLY the way you've written them, we would both be really really disappointed, because you're written them the way we both see them. That's about the highest compliment you can get. :D

Ooh can you ask her where she saw it (what feed)? I want to make like videos or screenshots of this haha. It makes me SO HAPPY to think of them doing that!!! I feel like they keep getting friendlier with each other, hehe.

I may take you up on that if I draw a blank. I'm getting a few ideas, but no main plot yet. I'm really happy that they came across as convincing to you guys! Thank you for reading and for all of your kind words!! :D

OK! Got your info.
It was the Kings feed, and she said it was actually after they clinched, so after the shootout. Drew was on the outside of the pile, and she said Jack came around and nabbed Drew. So...see! This is foreplay to clinching sex! :)

I'm going to freaking have to get a Jack icon. lmao!

Ahh, I think that was actually either Dustin Brown or Kyle Clifford. Jack was buried really deep in the pile, next to Quick, and he emerged laughing after a while. They probably did seek each other out for a hug. (In my world there was definite celebration sex! :P)

If you are going to check out a meaningless game is the one to do it on. It gets your really determined when your coach rides you (ahem) for the play-offs. I mean apparently, I am still a leafs fan.

Well, it was still undetermined whether the Sharks would be #2 or #3 but it's already home ice in the first round so it wasn't that big of a deal. Our loss also made it possible for the Ducks to be #4 so we don't play them. Yay!

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