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Backup goalie comedy central

So which animal would he be?
I got the following YouTube comment on an Ovechkin clip: @rockgirl584 Ovechkin SEXY!?!?! are you into bestiality, too? Hahaha!

Joe Thornton is nicknamed after an elephant
The nickname "Jumbo" comes from an elephant that was killed 125 years ago in St. Thomas, his home town. I'm not making this shit up.

Backup goalie comedy central
Turco was betting with a Habs fan last night about the game, ahahaha.

For the video challenged, Robert claimed he bet Turco, after Michael Cammalleri's(notes) goal for Montreal made it 1-0 in the first period, that Chicago wouldn't score again. When Patrick Kane(notes) of the Blackhawks tied the game, he passed Turco a $5 bill with "Habs Rule" written on it.

They went double-or-nothing after the first period, and then triple or nothing for the third; and then, in overtime, he gave Turco 5-to-1 odds that the Canadiens would win the game.

"And he took the bet!" said the caller. "When the Canadiens scored in overtime, he handed me back a wad of $5 bills and inside was that $5 bill that I gave him. He crossed out 'Habs Rule' and wrote 'Turco Rules.'"

There's a photo of him taking money through the glass, and a photo of the $5 bill, along with audio of the call into the radio show in the article: Marty Turco bets fan during Blackhawks/Habs game, gets last laugh

I hope he doesn't get in trouble over it. I mean, the person passed him money and he passed it back. That's not gambling, right? *whistles innocently*

It continues...

Logancouture: Didn't realize @seto1661 was closing in on 100 goals in only his 3rd year..#somethinglikeaphenom #nothingbutagthang #pumpinghistires

seto1661: @Logancouture such kind words from the rookie of the year in my eyes #twitterbros

Aww jeez, but is Torrey jealous? I guess he's paired up with Demers now, at least.

That's what I get for following two California teams
The Sharks and Kings have games on at the same time (Sharks game starts half an hour earlier). I'm thinking that this may be the let down game that I've been worried about for a while now, but I think it's okay as long as they keep the score pretty close and both teams focus on playing hockey and not... other stuff. Kings had better win tonight for their own peace of mind. You don't want to go into a home and home with the Ducks needing to win one of them, or be in the position of hoping that the Stars lose a game to the Avs or Wild. :P

I guess I'll be flipping back and forth. I'm feeling vaguely nervous about tonight's games, but I'm not sure which team or what I'm nervous about. Or, that could just be the cup of tea I just drank. It's hard to tell the difference, heh.

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