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Sharks clinch the Pacific Division!

I remember telling someone (I think abby20) that if the Sharks and Kings played like they did in their respective games on Saturday that the Sharks would crush the Kings, and that's pretty much what happened.

In the Kings' great run since mid-January or so, Quick was pretty much the MVP. I watched so many games where they weren't the better team, but he made several amazing saves and giving up only 1 goal, allowing them to win with 2 or make it the SO where he'd prevail (I think he hasn't lost any SOs this season). Last night he wasn't superhuman, and neither was the rest of the team. I don't really blame them after losing their top two scorers in a week. But they'll settle down, Quick will recover (or they can put Bernier in), Donuts and Brown will muster up enough offense to win at least a game and they'll be in the playoffs.

Donuts overall had a good game, really trying to get the offense going although he had a couple of glaring fuck ups (that ended up not hurting the Kings). If anything, he might be playing "too well" because it seems like nobody else is doing anything and generally when one person stands out that much, the team doesn't have success. Well, unless you're Ovechkin or Iginla, I suppose.

I miss when JMFJ was more offensive. Like, I get that he's trying to improve his defensive game or whatever, but he just... I don't know what it is about him. Too enthusiastic and panicky? Which spreads to his D partner and the other forwards. The Kings always give up great scoring opportunities with him on the ice, it seems, even when he's being positionally sound. He should just go back to concentrating more on his offense. :P

I was kind of going crazy when they awarded that 3rd goal to Mr. Vlasic and it seemed like he had 2. Somebody posted this photo to the GDT in response:


As it turns out, Wellwood deflected it, but it was nice for a while to think that Mr. Vlasic could have been a goal away from a hat trick. So many guys played well. I was going to list them, but I'd just end up listing the whole team. Well, except for maybe one person.

In a game where the final score was 6-1 and all of our goals were scored even strength,
Heatley ended up a -1.

It's still kind of sinking in for me that we won the division, something that seemed so impossible 2 months ago. And I don't see the team killing themselves to do it, which is something I'd seen in past seasons. I want to see more of this tomorrow and not have a crazy game against the Ducks.

For example, no more Gordie Howe hat tricks for Boyle. When I saw that he was sort of trying to fight Brad Richardson I was like OMG STOP DON'T GET HURT!!!!! I did like that in the post-game interviews Joe Thornton just openly laughed at Boyle's "fight" and was sniggering away at him. Clowe left after 3 shifts in the game with a "lower body injury" but he supposedly skated off fine and was walking around normally so hopefully nothing too serious.

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