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Everybody loves Pickles

I forgot to write about Parros going after Pickles at the end of the game. He didn't really do anything, maybe just pushed him or something, but then the whole team immediately went to his defense. I guess they're protective of 12-year-olds or something. :P

The Ducks putzed it against the Stars. Blah blah blah waved off goals it should never have gotten to that point. I guess there was some kind of let down after the Sharks game. Emery was not outstanding, but that game was really on the skaters for not playing hard enough (shoulda' scored on 5-on-3, shoulda' worked harder defensively).

tersa showed me this photo:
Corey Perry, Kari Lehtonen

It just makes me LOL. I think it's Corey Perry's expression. After some thought, I'm gonna say that it's his "please don't eat me" face. (That is Kari Lehtonen, after all.)

We have our own let down game tonight against the Kings after the uhh... emotion of the Ducks game. Both teams are pretty motivated--the Kings clinch a playoff spot with a win, and the Sharks clinch the division with a regulation win (I think). I'm really just hoping for a game that's not as exciting as the last Sharks/Kings game because I need to build up my strength/nerves for the playoffs. :P

I kind of still can't believe that the Sharks are in a position to clinch the division. It was sucky going through that 6-game losing streak, but I felt like it was going to be a good thing in the long run. Like, either fix things once and for all or just fail hard and address it in the off-season. Muddling along doesn't help.

I will be very mad if JMFJ has a good game tonight. (Yes, I'm still bitter about him inexplicably getting #1 star in the game against us before All-Star Weekend over two months ago.)

Also, I keep forgetting to say that they've started filming season 2 of Haven and Eric Balfour posted this photo of them doing a table read in Halifax and there's all these curling uhh... lanes? in the background. Oh yes they're in Canada. :D

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