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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Devin Setoguchi

4 more games, WTF

I can't believe there's only 4 games left in the regular season for the Sharks. I don't think I'm in playoff shape yet! I was slightly wrecked after the Sharks/Kings game and last night's Ducks/Sharks game was also pretty thrilling. Not as exciting, but more satisfying.

Donuts was in one of my dreams last night. I can't remember what the set up was, but I was talking to him and sitting on his lap. Not in like a lapdance kind of way, but in a "there's no room on the bus" kind of way. It was not pleasant. Also, he needed deodorant. If 1) I wasn't Mario and 2) hadn't had that dream about THAT PERSON, I would probably be traumatized.

Whore (Jason Arnott) has somehow scored 400 goals. I find this hard to believe because he ceased to exist after he went to the Preds and so could not possibly have scored any in that time. And maybe he did! I mean, is this really Jason Arnott? Can he really be skinnier than Semin and Ovechkin???

The Stars/Kings game was so bad. Umm, not that it was a bad game because it was pretty even, but because both teams played so badly. :P I don't know if it was the afternoon start or whatever but they were terrible. My two highlights from the game have nothing to do with actual hockey.

Donuts is terrified of birds. This of course made me want to make a giant poster of all kinds of birds in terrifying poses (with no text) and bring it to the Tank for a Kings game and hold it up against the glass at warm ups. No doubt everyone else had the same idea.

Made by a Kings fan LOL! I love how angry the bird looks.

Well, all this season I've been watching Kings games for Doughty/Johnson. It's nice to see that the Kings announcers agree with me.

I think they were actually talking about Donuts and JMFJ swapping D partners (much less dirty than it sounds) so that JMFJ could play on the right and be more offensive or something. I felt slightly upset that Scuderi had been taken away from JMFJ. I am aware this is sad. :(

In contrast, the Ducks/Sharks game was pretty fucking awesome. That was some great hockey from two teams that have been playing well. (Love this BoC pre-game prediction: Sharks have won 6 of their past 7 games; Ducks have won 7 of their past 8. Somehow they inexplicably both win tonight. Simultaneous game winners by Perry and Pavelski.) I feel like what we've missed in past seasons for the playoffs has been cocky, skilled players, and we have that now with Logan and Devin. Like, I know we had both of them last year, but Logan was a baby and I don't think Devin saw himself as a key guy.

That PP point shot goal from Devin makes me believe in him. Also, Bobby Ryan rules.

@b_ryan9: You guys are right, they did rip me off on an assist. Marleau from setoguchi and ryans face #fml

It's no Dan Ellis "Nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" but the #fml part is pretty awesome. If there's anything I didn't like from last night, it's that not enough penalties were being called (on both sides). Elbows start getting thrown around, then people get run and it's all bad news. I thought someone was going to get killed at the end of the game after Murray's hit on Visnovsky. :(

On that hit, I wouldn't be against a charging or boarding call, but I think when you get called for a penalty that causes an injury, that immediately makes it a major? I'm not sure what the conditions are for that, but a major would have been inappropriate. Blah. I hate people getting injured. This is why I have issues with football. Anyway, I wish more penalties had been called throughout the game.

If the Ducks and Stars both play the way they did yesterday the Stars are going to be pulverized.

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Holy crap, what an awful picture. Maybe Whore looks skinnier because Ovechkin's been EATING HIM.

I saw a congregation of pigeons, seagulls, and ducks today and thought fondly of Donuts.

Ovechkin's pre-game meal is STEAK.

Ahahahaha that's like his worst nightmare!

Twitter + hockey players is the best invention ever. I thought it would be terrible but I was wrong. Taylor Hall has yet to tweet a single thing that hasn't made me love him more.

I would probably follow more guys except that the awesomeness might be too much. I wouldn't be able to handle it!

That's how I came to be following half the Kelowna Rockets. You start with just one and then they chirp their teammates and then suddenly I am a stalker of teenage boys and trying to justify it by saying things like, "Well, they don't lock their accounts, they know anyone can read this." I think it's a sickness at this point.

I feel like we need to enjoy this while it lasts. In the future of all of this (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) is going to be all regulated and official and stalking will become more difficult. On the other hand, I suppose boys will still be as stupid in the future.

Oh, I know. You heard about Brayden Schenn and Facebook? I'm just waiting for some asshole to do that on Twitter, I'm amazed it hasn't happened before now.

I think what helps a little is that Twitter at least has verified accounts, so that encourages them to make one to prove they're the real version.

Something about his fake Facebook account making racist comments? I guess generally other fake accounts just looked more obviously fake, or they never posted anything too outlandish/offensive.

Yeah. It became a pretty big deal though, since some people thought it was really him.

I love when bobby tweets fml! haha. I want an ap that reads me his tweets in his voice! just so I can hear him say kick rocks

He generally looks pretty serious IRL (maybe just his game face) so his tweets are fun.

oh man I saw a crocheted angry bird that was part of that "help japan" auction, also Jason Arnett still plays? I remember him from the days when he knocked up chicks and was interesting.

Hahaha someone should sent that to Donuts.

It's so weird that he has a (legitimate) kid and was a captain and everything. Why do people have to grow up? Speaking of, his illegitimate kid is like... 16 now or something and is a goalie somewhere in or around Edmonton.

BEST SIGN EVER. I LOL'd at the second shot. I wonder if anyone in the truck did that on purpose..probably not, which makes it better.

P.S. The picture of him sandwiched between Semin and Ovie just makes him look more like a whore. Whore.

I wonder if Donuts saw it and laughed. :) Inadvertent slash is the best!

I guess some things never change. The odd thing is that the Russians looks much sleazier than him.

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