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We're in! :)

I had a dream about eating (food-obsessed in dreams too) with Logan Couture and Devin Setoguchi and uhh... maybe some other people. It was sort of a cafeteria setting. Logan was talking a lot, in a kind of humble and bashful manner, i.e. nothing at all like RL, and smiling a lot, blinding me with his giant white horse teeth.

Sharks clinch playoff spot 2011

I was at the game last night with tersa and x_jerseygirl and I totally cried at the end of the game when they flashed the graphic that the Sharks had clinched a "playoff birth (sic)". I never take the playoffs for granted, even though the Sharks have made it 11 times in the past 12 years (the only time they missed them being the first full season I followed them haha) and even though it's been obvious for a while that the Sharks would make it, I got really emotional last night.

I'm still boggled thinking about being 12th in the West in mid-January. The Kings were in just as shitty a spot at that time too. I was expecting some struggles from the Sharks after the long layoff, but they didn't flail! The Stars typically play their best game against us, but they were just average last night. Perhaps missing some guys, or just having overachieved for a while. Got some pretty good PK practice in with the 3 straight penalties.

It's weird that with 6 goals scored, Ben Eager's would be the prettiest. And that Demers scared Niemi enough that he got into position to make a save on him, and then turned to look at him like, uhh, WTF was that? Patty looked really good too, flying off the bench for his semi-breakaway goal (that Woywitka seemed to play badly), and scoring with a no-look backhand top shelf goal that was so fast I couldn't tell that he'd scored it. One moment Joe had the puck behind the net, and then it was in. My favourite goal of the night was still Couture's though, just because it was that kind of relentless sustained pressure goal that you need to score in the playoffs. :)

Watching games not involving the Sharks makes me a little bitter because it's clear to me that we get pretty much every team's best game. This comes with the territory of being perceived as a good team, and I guess it builds character, but... it also gets tiresome when things are so hard all the time, as opposed to being like... last night's game. :P If other teams played the Preds the way those teams played us this season, the Preds wouldn't even be sniffing the playoffs.

Randomly ran into my ex-roommate on the bus home last night. I was looking at my phone or closing my eyes the whole time, so I didn't even notice her until we got to her stop and we were the only people left on the bus. :P It was nice to run into her and talk a little bit, but it was really late so we didn't talk long.

And, because it's important to me, I have to mention that we went out to a really yummy sushi place in Mountain View for dinner last night! They have lots of specialty rolls, which I appreciate, decent assortment of nigiri (bonus points for having escolar/butterfish, although ankimo/monkfish liver was missing from the menu) and nice appetizers. I had the raw oysters, and we shared sweet potato fries and shiitake mushroom tempura. *drools*

I came home and checked on the Kings game and randomly went to The Royal Half first and was treated to a photo of the "Hockey Luvin Homos" (LOL), Donuts being Green Manned and then a table showing the SOG by period and was like, hmm, what's so special about... HOLY SHIT ZERO SOG IN THE THIRD???

I will have to watch this game tonight and see WTF happened.
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