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What were you dreaming about? Timmy!

Tati looked thoughtful in the car this morning, so I asked her what she was thinking about, and she said (as far as I can translate from Toddler) that she was thinking about a dream in which she was watching Timmy play baseball. And then he played soccer with her. Aww! I have created a little fangirl. ♥

Guys, did you know that Sidney Crosby has been cleared for practice???

This is tremendous news... For the NHL, which will now be able to add Sidney Crosby Team Practice Porn to its video collection of Sidney Crosby Stickhandling During Individual Workouts Porn.

Amazingly, that's from Puck Daddy and not one of us.

I follow Neil Gaiman on Twitter and he linked to/mentioned a couple of interesting things, one of which is an author who had her book reviewed somewhat negatively on a blog, and then flipped out. Read/skim the review, and her increasingly crazy comments (they end after the second "fuck off"--the rest is just people bashing her).
Review of The Greek Seaman

Later on, in reference to this, he mentioned the Dunning-Kruger effect, saying that this author was an example. :P In summary, incompetent people are too incompetent to realize that they're incompetent and think they're awesome, and are also incapable of recognizing people who are actually competent. It really explains a lot about... life.

JMFJ weighs in on losing Kopitar:
"Losing two of your best offensive players on a team that has been struggling to score of late is not going to help us at all," defenseman Jack Johnson told the LA Times. "But there's nothing we can do about it. It's out of our control. The season presses on so we have to find a way to score and win without him."

THE SEASON PRESSES ON. Who talks like that? JMFJ, apparently.

From BoC:
Kopitar will be fine. Of all the things I'm worried about regarding Kopitar's injury, the last thing I'm worried about is Kopitar himself. Kopitar has, through his entire career, met and exceeded every benchmark that has been set for him. He overcame coming from a non-hockey market, he overcame having to lift a shitty hockey club into respectability, he overcame Terry Murray's somewhat stifling system that required him to play to his weaknesses at the expense of his strengths, and he'll overcome his broken ankle. He'll have surgery today, heal up, then get back in it all summer and be ready to go next season. If anything it might actually be good because this means he'll probably stay in LA all summer instead of going back to Slovenia to eat pancakes. Kopitar will be fine.

That actually made me cry. *sniffles*
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