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"Trap game" is so overused in LA

JMFJ says: "It's always fun going into Canada, where the spotlight's on you a little bit more. Edmonton is a team right now with a 'don't have anything to lose' attitudes. Those are tough teams to play against because if a couple of bounces go their way or something, they're tough to stop, for sure. They still have a lot of talent on paper. It's also fun to go up to Canada and play on some fast ice, some good ice. I'm looking forward to it."

I actually thought he was going to say, "It's always fun going into Canada, where everyone boos me" but I don't know if people really remember him anymore. Sadly, Donuts will not get to continue his pathetic rivalry with Taylor Hall but I'm sure he'll be generally yappy and obnoxious. Even without Anze, there's no excuse for the Kings to lose... which means that they might. :P

I asked Tati yesterday if she wants to go a game to see Matt Cain, Madison or Timmy and she said Timmy. :D

Had an SVU mini-marathon yesterday and am all caught up now. I like how there was a reappearance of the pedo rape kit!!! This is condoms, lube and booze (wine coolers or beer). Also. TWINCEST muahahahahahahah!!!
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