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Goodbye, Owen

Well Owen is a Leaf. On the good side of things that's the best team he could have ended up on, in terms of fitting in. He would have been good in Philly too, but I think he's more Leafy. And now we have a smouldering dork and a 1950s housewife.

Lira and I are going to the Habs/Sharks game tonight and I think we're going to cry. Sunny's going to be there, not in teal, and Owen isn't. I think if Alyn were playing tonight that would definitely turn on the waterworks.

I dreamt about Owen in a Leafs (away) uniform scoring a goal, and he looked right in the uniform. I hope that's a good sign for him. It's not that I wouldn't rather he still be with us *weeps* but the trade's over and done with and I'd prefer everyone benefit from it than wish he was still here because he isn't. :(

I'm not sure how we benefit from it. I guess we don't.
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