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Sharks players really into Joe Thornton's underwear

So, I was innocently googling to find out who Joe Thornton's favourite player was growing up (okay so it may have not been so innocent because I'm still trying to find a traumatizing alter ego for lastcatastrophe and I thought it might have been Mario, although Joe seems more like a Gretzky kind of guy and I know that Patty's was Mario) and like the.... third hit or whatever was something titled Sharks players really into Joe Thornton's underwear and like... to console myself that it wasn't as bad as it sounded, I read it, and... it's as bad as it sounds. *cries*

Sharks players really into Joe Thornton's underwear

Posted: March 12, 2009, 4:29 PM by Noah Love
Hockey, NHL

(Photo: The San Jose Sharks have been admiring the underwear of teammate Joe Thornton. Harry How/Getty Images)

The secret is out on San Jose Sharks centreman Joe Thornton’s underwear.

And while the National Hockey League star may not be keen on the world knowing, Vancouver-based yoga-wear maker Lululemon is quite happy about it.

During a “Know Your Teammate” segment on Hockey Night in Canada last weekend, Sharks defenceman Dan Boyle was asked if he could name Thornton’s favourite underwear.

The questioner said Thornton apparently has the whole team wearing the company’s products.

Boyle couldn’t name the brand, but clearly had an opinion on Thornton’s choice of underwear apparel.

“He’s got these tight orange things that make his butt look ... phenomenal,” he joked, choosing the last word carefully after seeing Thornton wince at the prospect of an embarrassing answer.

Lululemon representative Sara Henshaw said the company was clearly pleased by the exposure to a national audience.

“It was an impromptu remark and pretty fun for us,” she said, noting Lululemon does not market directly to sports teams. “We do see hockey players in our stores — they’re definitely taking to our men’s line.”

Henshaw said several players seem to like the company’s “Silverescent” T-shirts, which integrate silver into a breathable fabric, creating anti-bacterial and anti-odour properties.

Thornton never mentioned which specific line of Lululemon underwear he favours, but the company’s “Fundamental Short” would seem to be a natural choice.

It’s described as a compression-style short to wear under your equipment for high-intensity activities or “just when you want some serious support.” It features a mesh back panel for extra breathability and flat-seam construction for “idyllic chafe-resistant wearing experiences.”


And I still don't know who Joe Thornton's favourite player was. :(

[ Edit: Yep, it was Gretzky! ]
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