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Forever's gonna start tonight

Went to lastcatastrophe and fightgravity's joint birthday celebration last night and it was lots of fun! fightgravity reserved a private room for karaoke, and we all proceeded to sing really loudly and terribly for 3.5 hours hahaha. People kept peering into our room because we were so loud and terrible. One guy actually stared at us for like 30 seconds while we were singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart".

Hit 30 goals and you get your very own icon, Logan Couture. I don't have much of an opinion of him as a person even though I follow him on Twitter, but I do really like him as a player and he's been so important to the team.

I am so proud of how Ryane Clowe has developed over the years. When I got his jersey, it was because of his ability to perform in the playoffs, and I just saw him as the player that Scott Thornton could have been if he'd been given a chance to do something besides fight. :P Nice hands, mean, tough, strong. GORDIE HOWE HAT TRICK.

Nice game for both Joes and some really clutch/tricky saves from Niemi. Having Vlasic back stabilized things, I think. And I think the SO loss to the Kings helped the team focus on the game tonight, and this is the game that I really did want to win (a loss would have left Phoenix tied with the Sharks for points).

Kopitar broke his ankle today and is (allegedly) going to be out for 6 weeks. I was really surprised at how serious the injury was. I mean, it did look awful and his ankle got all bent in weird angles and stuff, but... it wasn't a high-speed collision or anything. He just seemed to fall wrong. :(

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