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An empirical method of evaluating Jonathan Quick's performance

See, abby20, I told you the Sharks were going to break the PK streak. :P

Well, that was an... unexpectedly exciting/good game. In fact, TOO exciting. It felt like a playoff game and I'm not in playoff shape yet. I was not expecting much from the Sharks given their game against the Flames last night (and other factors which I mentioned in my last post), but the Kings played the best game I've seen them play in quite a few games (especially Dustin Brown), and the Sharks hung with them pretty well, and... the ending felt like a replay of the game against the Canucks: Sharks take penalty with less than 5 minutes left in the game, give up the PPG, come back to tie it with goalie pulled, then lose in shootout.

I'm super happy with the 1 point and the comeback and Patty's goals ♥ I was pretty sure that we were going to lose in the SO or OT (SO more likely), and in the last 15 seconds of OT JMFJ and Donuts were on the ice together and I had this horrible sinking feeling, like some kind of strange divine wrath was going to descend upon me, especially when JMFJ took a shot from the hash marks... and then was so relieved when Niemi made the save. :P

I was disappointed that I didn't have the Kings feed for the end of the SO cos' I missed Donuts' big kiss. Or... I saw him give Quick a chaste little kiss, but I can't believe that was the only one he gave him! Perhaps he was a little cooler because Quick gave up 3 in regulation.

You can pretty much measure Quick's performance in a Kings win based entirely on the enthusiasm of Donuts' post-game kiss:

No kiss, just a pat on the helmet - Extremely poor performance. Gave up 4 goals or more, or let in at least 2 softies, one of which was a routine shot that squeaked through his five hole at 0.1 mile/hr into the net while he was staring intently at his knees.

Disinterested and chaste peck - Mediocre performance. Gave up 3 goals or more after being shelled like Easy Company in Bastogne. (Freakin' Bastogne!)

Passionate, but close-mouthed kiss - Average performance. Gave up at most 2 goals, making several tricky saves, especially on the PK. One goal was surrendered on a seemingly harmless shot from the hash marks with JMFJ screening him.

Enthusiastic open-mouthed kiss followed by whispering of sweet nothings in his ear - Good performance. Surrendered only one goal while facing down some quality power plays, sustained pressure and several odd man rushes, usually sprung when Ryan Smyth or Jarret Stoll inexplicably fell down, or Donuts inexplicably fumbled the puck.

Flying leap followed by lengthy, slobbery kiss, with some optional humping - Exceptional performance. Faced down 45+ shots and 6+ power plays and a 9-round shootout and emerged with both a shutout and a shootout win. Possibly demonstrated the ability to control pucks with the power of his mind.

Note that a mediocre Quick performance is a meteorically good performance for someone like... Curtis McElhinney.

[ Edit: Fringe was renewed!!! RENEWED!!!!!! I didn't realize how much I was hoping for this until I heard the news. I'm celebrating with either a root beer float or a strawberry milkshake this weekend. Probably the former. ]

[ Edit 2: There was a post titled "Kings and The Walking Dead??" in walkingdead_tv and I immediately thought of my (not yet written) Kings zombie fic, haha. ]

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