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"For sure, I was fat."

Guys, I have been looking forward to Donuts' episode of Undisputed for a while now, and I had high expectations for it that were completely exceeded. Like, all I wanted was for him to talk about being fat. That would have been awesome enough. But not only does he talk about that, he talks about being afraid of birds.

Like, his intro is "I'm Drew Doughty. I'm driven and I'm determined and this is Undisputed." But he really should have said, "I'm Drew Doughty. I was fat and I'm afraid of birds and this is Undisputed."

Guys, he flat out says that he was fat. *cries tears of joy* And then he talks about Clune chirping at him and going "hey Doughty!" and then when he turned around, Clune PUFFED OUT HIS CHEEKS AND DONUTS DEMONSTRATED IT. And then he talked about how he's terrified of birds and a bird flew into his house when he was in junior and he shrieked and screamed at his billet mommy "THERE'S A BIRD IN THE HOUSE" but she was afraid of birds too so they ran around in hysterical fear until the bird flew out of the house on its own. He was so distraught by pigeons at the beach that he COULDN'T EVEN EAT. *cries again*

From Oscar Moller's actual Twitter: Making my little mexican Alec Martinez come and get me so i can get some food in me..what a guy!

Last night Logan Couture played his first game since suffering what looked like a serious injury against the Blues on Monday and scored a goal. Heatley came back from 2 game suspension for elbowing Ott in the head and took a clutch boarding penalty six minutes into the game. Thirteen Sharks got points last night. He was not one of them. Torrey scored 2 goals last night! ♥ He's trying to make up his total for the year.

The Flames just looked like a tired team last night. Physically yes, but mostly they just looked like they were mentally spent? I read somewhere that they were going through the same burn out that the Avs, Blues and Wild succumbed to and that seems about right.

The Sharks are on a 4 game winning streak, have a 6-point lead on the Kings, are on the second night of back to backs after playing a team that was not at 100% and the Kings just called up Oscar Moller. Things are not looking good for us tonight. :P [ Edit: Oh yeah, and Niitty may start tonight. ]
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