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Almost a perfect hockey day

Eee today has been mostly a good hockey day. *beams* Bernie! Did you notice that AlMo scored on an assist from Antropov? *grins deliriously*

1st period

OMG we scored a goal in the first minute? We're freaking doomed! But *hugs Greek god for scoring*

Ahh, Fahey not moving! No!! Please don't be injured! Not another concussion! *cries*

Calgary fans are so freaking awesome, they cheered when he stood up, and that was just after we scored a goal on them.

*shrieks* Stop with the turnovers!

Clean-shaven Patty! So fucking gorgeous! *mauls him*

*cries* Drew just called Randy (those are the Sharks announcers) a "hunk of burning love". *weeps copiously*

Eep, we're on the PK. But Owen vs. Jarome. Sohot! In other news, I believe that I will be eternally amazed at everything the Sharks do from now on. We've killed 32 PKs in a row *aghast* but I'm still shocked whenever we kill one *giggle*

*shrieks again* Clear the zone! Just because there's only a minute left in the period doesn't mean they can't score a goal!

*sniffle* Fahey isn't coming back for this game.

Ahh dude, enough with the love! Randy just called Drew "his highness".

2nd period:

OMG now they are making plans to go to Subway after the game. *weeps* So much flirting!

*cries* Another penalty? *peers around* But hot, fierce Dan in the box! *grins*

Wow, we set a franchise record for most consecutive penalty kills? 33 in a row! *stunned*

OMG, Reech hit by puck! Poor guy! :(

*dies* "Todd Harvey gets a faceful of Andy Ference."

Flames are pretty good defensively. Or maybe we just suck offensively.

Wake up, boys, please? :) At least the Flames look asleep too.

Eee another all-hands scuffle, this time with yard sale! *dies laughing* Teemu is in it. Oh man, there's a Flames player mauling him in a somewhat sexual way. Paul is gonna be so mad.

Eee, flustered!Dan without his helmet. He is really fucking gorgeous.

Well, the Sharks haven't imploded (yet).

3rd period

Guys come on, wake up! Please please please. You need this game, you need every game. Please at least finish like 10th in the conference. *sniffle*

Drury scored. Saw that one coming.

And it's tied. Yep, this is the same old Sharks. Why, oh why can't you guys just put in a little effort? Why? *weeps*

Now I'm angry! *scowls* This game was yours! You're not gonna beat the Wings and Stars, you have to win games like these.


Well I guess it's time to go write ficcage. :(

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