The Invincible M.A.E. (harleymae) wrote,
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Coincidence? Or fate?

Fic is all posted! Part 7 and 8.

I came across a video someone made of the video introductions for JMFJ's first NHL game, so I watched it because... I don't know, hoping for a goofy shot or something. Anyway, they were nice enough to put him in the starting line up (wearing #33, weird) but then I saw that SCOTT THORNTON was also in the starting line up that night!

And now that I'm reading a little bit more, apparently JMFJ got hip checked by Jan Bulis (ahahahahahaha) and went head over heels and then THORTY DEFENDED HIS HONOUR and got a roughing penalty.

It's this really weird... original obsession meets new (not yet known) obsession thing. I guess it kind of makes sense? Destiny!
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