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Silent Hill

Part 6 of JMFJ/Donuts is here! 2 more to go.

I watched the Silent Hill movie this weekend. I've never played the games although I've heard about them a lot. I think they might be just a little too creepy for me. I remember having to play Clive Barker's Undying only in the daytime because I got so creeped out at night. :P With movies, I'm okay, but games are just different somehow.

The plot was... okay, but the visuals were so nice. The whole town is engulfed in fog and falling ash, and when the sirens go off, the transition into Otherworld with the walls, doors, floors, etc. peeling away is fantastic. Pyramid Head flaying Anna was truly awesome, very reminiscent of Hellraiser, and I really liked the film grain flashbacks.

I generally dig the Lovecraftian other dimension horror so I went to the Silent Hill Wiki to read about the games and monsters, etc. and the game mythology is really interesting and actually even more disturbing than the movie story (which includes a little girl being burned alive, among other things).

Thinking back, the first stories I remember writing were horror, so maybe I'll try that again. Uhh, when I have more energy.
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