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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Not my idea of fury

Next part of Donuts/JMFJ posted here!

There is a game preview on nhl.com of the Ducks/Kings game tonight with the title 'Freeway Fury" that features a photo of Getzlaf looking really confused and Donuts sticking his tongue out.

Disappointed to find out that Terry Murray was in fact referring to being unhappy with being booed by fans at the end of the second period and said he like, overreacted or whatever.

I think I just try to think the best of people or something cos' they booed like mad after the third goal and I was like, well, okay, they're just mad at the team's performance in general, but then there was definitely a bronx cheer for Quick after he made a save and that was definitely undeserved, even with all of the softies he gave up.

Donuts had this to say about it:
Booing us kind of pisses me off as a player, because every night we’re out there playing our hardest, obviously for the team but, at the same time, for them. For them to boo us off the ice, or whatever the case is, like I said we’re not just playing for us, we’re playing for them. We’re going to battle for them, and for them to boo us shows a lack of respect from them, but it’s a part of the game. Fans boo their teams all the time, so it’s nothing we can be really upset at.

Meh, whatever, it's his opinion, but it's that kind of thing that prompts fans to make fat jokes about him. Well, anything he does that's vaguely negative prompts fat jokes. :P

Also, the following is totally untrue, but it doesn't make me love it any less:
Carls Jr Signs Dustin Penner to 3 Year Endorsement Deal.


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I meant to email you after I saw that! I'm also disappointed, and if he'd been smart, he would have just claimed he was saying what we thought he was saying in the first place, hehe. Oh well. I understand that it's extra frustrating to be reminded that you're letting down people other than yourselves, but they have to remember that booing is just other people's emotional frustration being let out. ... Loudly and en masse. :)

I think this is one of those cases where Donuts is just being young, with his delicate hurt feelings and sense of righteousness. So I'm fine with it. JMFJ was more clever* when he didn't know about it and just took both sides to be safe. :P

*Probably won't use that phrase too often in my life.

Yeah, I don't have problems with what Donuts said, it just antagonizes fans, that's all. Ahaha, JMFJ... clever... *chortles* Can't remember if I shared, but from that Blues game PGT: JJ broke up a 5 on 1 which he will never do again in his career

Telling me I can't boo pisses me off, Drew Doughty. I paid $80 for my ticket, if you play like shit I would like to be able to convey to you my dissatisfaction.

Now if the booing was undeserved, well, fine. Then you just have dumb fans.

I think being outshot 30-6 is pretty deserving of being booed. :P The bronx cheer for Quick was totally undeserved, though. Donuts personally played fairly well, though, the Kings forwards just weren't winning any battles against the Blues to allow anything to happen.

WHAT? Playing like shit shows a lack of respect for the fans then.

So young, man. So young.

In other news, 9 McDonalds locations around Edmonton were forced out of business with the loss of Penner.

That made me laugh so hard.

That's pretty much what all the Kings fans said about it. Well, after they made a fat joke first.

I am so excited about his (large) presence on the team. MORE FAT JOKES.

He's so much bigger in person. I pointed him out in person to my friend a few weeks back... and he (Penner) is like 2x bigger than a lot of guys out there.

245 pounds. My God. I was talking to Robyn about how I'd really love to have a Penner-Donuts-Greene goal just for the sheer size factor and she said when they come together for the goal celebration, the ice would crack.

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