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Blue Moon, Part 4

Title: Blue Moon
Author: Mae
Rating: NC-17 overall
Pairing/Characters: Jack Johnson/Drew Doughty, Sidney Crosby
Dedication: herwhereabouts, abby20, robi0688, early_afternoon and joolzie, thanks for all your support, feedback and encouragement. :D
Disclaimer: It's all lies!
Author's Notes: This is a sequel to Tangled Up in Blue and One Last Summer, but it's not necessary to read those fics to follow this one. This is set just after the ending of Tangled Up in Blue (1/8/11) when Jack signed a long contract extension with the Kings. Who are these guys?

Blue Moon, Part 4

"Hey, what do you want to do for your birthday?" Drew asked, breaking our contented silence. We were laying on our sides in his bed, our breathing slowly returning to normal. His back was pressed up against my chest as I stroked his hair gently, loving the way it felt under my fingers.

"My birthday? Oh yeah, that's coming up, huh?" Not having any kind of regular schedule meant that I wasn't too good with knowing what the date was on any given day, and it took me a while to figure it out. "Oh fuck, it's tomorrow. I totally forgot."

"You forgot your own birthday?" He reached down to rub the outside of my thigh gently, and I didn't have to see his face to know that he was smiling.

"Yeah. They're not really a big deal after twenty-one, anyway," I said, brushing his hair aside to kiss the back of his neck lightly.

"You and Simmer threw me a big party for my birthday, and I want to do something like that for you," he said, shifting his hips and rubbing against my dick a little, which didn't feel too good because I was still sensitive, and I adjusted myself to a better position.

"That's because it was your twenty-first. I'm not doing shit for your next birthday," I said, wrapping an arm around his side and resting my hand lightly against his stomach.

"I want to do something special," he persisted, placing his hand over mine and squeezing it.

"You could put on some women's lingerie and let me handcuff you to the bed," I said, stifling a yawn. It wasn't late, but I was succumbing to post-sex sleepiness.

"Umm, really?" Drew asked with a nervous chuckle.

"No!" I gave him a shake. "You know I'm not into any of that stuff."

"You don't know until you've tried it. The handcuffs part anyway, not the women's lingerie," he said, sounding very certain about the latter.

"I've tried it. That's how I know I don't like it." I felt his body stiffen against me briefly, but then he relaxed and started rubbing his thumb over the back of my hand. "But you know, if it's something you like, I'd try again."

"I don't know if I like it or not--I've never tried it, either way." Drew sounded uncertain, maybe even a little embarrassed. It never really registered most of the time just how young he was; he was only three years younger than me, but when I was twenty - how old he'd been when we started going out - I'd only ever had sex with one guy and I was really inexperienced. That changed very quickly when I started going to gay bars.

"I don't have handcuffs, but I'm sure I can find something to tie you up with. Or you could tie me up if you want," I said, trying to sound encouraging, although I wasn't exactly sure why.

"I don't know. What didn't you like about it?" He sounded curious, but I couldn't tell if it was because he was interested in doing it, or if he just wanted to know more.

"Well, when I was the one doing the tying up, I honestly didn't know what to do. I guess I would have gotten off on it if I liked being in total control, but I don't. I like--I don't know, I like being in control when the other person has a choice, if that makes sense." I hadn't really thought about it too much. Mostly I remembered feeling awkward and just trying to get a good blowjob out of it.

"I can see that. How about when you were tied up?" he asked.

"Oh God, that was even worse. I was pretty drunk when I agreed to do it, but the moment those cuffs clicked shut, I sobered up pretty quick and started panicking and getting all these crazy thoughts. Like he was some psycho who was going to torture me to death and bury my body in the desert. Or that he'd fuck me bareback and give me AIDS. Yeah, so that wasn't any fun at all." Drew didn't say anything in response for a while, and I was worried that I'd given the impression that I wasn't willing to do it with him because of my bad experience.

"But you know, I'm pretty sure you're not going to kill me. And I know you don't have AIDS. And I trust you so, you know, like I said, if it's something that you want to try..." I trailed off. That was all I had to say about the subject and the ball was in his court.

"Thanks, Jack," he said quietly. "I love you."

"Love you too," I whispered into his hair, and we drifted off to sleep together.


I managed to convince Drew that I really didn't want a birthday party. We were already going out to dinner the night after - because it was a game day - and it was going to be a joint celebration for me and Cliffy, who was turning twenty. I had less success convincing him not to get me a present. I didn't really want a lot of material things, and anything that I did want, I just ended up getting for myself.

I was woken up the morning of my birthday by the sensation of Drew kissing my cheek. He moved on to kissing my forehead and I opened my eyes slowly, smiling up at him.

"Good morning," I said, the words coming out sounding more like a croak. I cleared my throat and repeated myself.

"Happy birthday," he said, kissing me slowly, the way he did when he wanted more than just a kiss.

"Mmm, do you want to start celebrating now?" I asked, then shivered as he ran his hands down my body and wrapped his fingers loosely around my dick.

"I think so," he mumbled, kissing his way down my chest. He dipped his tongue into my navel and I moaned softly as he started pumping my cock. I reached down with both arms and pushed his shoulders down lightly. He grinned up at me. "Somebody's a little impatient."

"Less talking," I said, and I cupped the back of his head and angled it down to my cock, thrusting up halfway into his mouth. "And more of this."

Drew sat up, looking at me with mock indignation and I started laughing at how outraged he looked, then stopped when he went down on me, taking my cock all the way to the back of his mouth, then taking it down his throat little by little until I was all the way in. I groaned loudly and fisted the sheets as he held my hips still and started swallowing, his throat muscles squeezing my cock and driving me crazy. We didn't deep throat each other too often because it was a little tricky, and the sensation was so intense it didn't take long for us to come, but I definitely appreciated it every time he did it.

"Going to come," I gasped after just a few minutes, and he backed off so he could run his tongue along the underside of my shaft and suck on my dick as I came. He swallowed, keeping my dick in his mouth until I was mostly soft and my breathing had almost returned to normal.

"Sounds like you liked that," he said, smiling as he stretched out to lie on his side next to me.

"I hope you're not giving Cliffy one of those for his birthday too." I kissed him, and his lips were soft and warm and red. "Thank you, that was a nice present."

"That's not the only present I have for you," he said, brushing my hair back from my face.

"Really? I don't know how many more I can handle, and we have a game tonight," I said worriedly.

Drew laughed heartily and sat up, grabbing my hands and pulling me up with him. "I mean I have other, different presents."

"Oh." I felt relieved and disappointed at the same time. "You really didn't have to get me anything, you know?"

"I know, I wanted to. Come on." He got out of bed, motioning me to follow him and led me downstairs to the kitchen. He went into the pantry and I heard some rummaging around on one of the top shelves before he emerged holding a white cardboard box.

"You said you didn't want a cake, so I got you these instead." Drew opened the box, and inside were a dozen cupcakes, half of them vanilla and the other half chocolate.

"Are these for me or for you?" I asked, grinning, but I had to admit that it was a nice surprise. It felt good to have someone care about me and try to think of ways to make me happy.

"Both of us," he admitted, taking a vanilla cupcake out of the box and handing it to me, then getting a chocolate one for himself and taking a big bite out of it, smearing his lips with chocolate frosting. "Sorry, no candles. Just close your eyes and make a wish before you eat it."

"I'll save it for later," I said, peeling part of the cupcake wrapper down so I could take a bite. "There's nothing I need to wish for right now."


My birthday haul from Drew consisted of a copy of Fallout: New Vegas Dead Money, another chin-up bar so I could have one in our bedroom and a stock car racing lesson. He definitely knew me well.

I skyped with my family just after I woke up from my pregame nap. I had gotten a package of wrapped presents from them a day before and I opened them while we were skyping. I got a shirt, sweater and tie from my parents but I knew it was my mom who had picked them out and my dad didn't have anything to do with it. Kenny got me a big Michigan banner that I planned to put in the living room; it was going to drive Drew crazy.

I really wanted a win that night, not just because it was my birthday, but because things had been going so badly on our homestand--we'd had only one win in six games. I know all the guys really wanted a win too; everything just magically clicked, and we beat the Oilers 5-2, with Drew playing a killer game. He got a goal and an assist and he was named first star.

We didn't talk most of the way on the drive back home, and I put on some music from Drew's playlist. I was driving and normally that meant I'd get to pick the music, but I'd grown to like some of his music too (as long as there wasn't any country). Drew sang softly along with every song, which always amused me, but when he started rapping along with Eminem, I started laughing.

"What? What's so funny?" he asked, pretending to be offended.

"Oh nothing," I said, biting my lip. "Thanks for today, by the way."

"You're welcome. I wanted you to have a good birthday," he said, smiling warmly.

"I did. It was better than good, it was amazing." I wished I could find the words to tell him just how much I appreciated everything he'd done for me, but that was all I managed to say. "Do you want to have another cupcake when we get home?"

"At least one," he declared, almost as if he was daring me to object.

"Good, I didn't want to eat one by myself," I said, and I didn't say anything else the rest of the way home, smiling inwardly as he sang along with the music.

I had another vanilla cupcake and Drew had a chocolate and a vanilla one - "to balance it out", he said - and we both washed them down with glasses of milk. I felt like I was eight years old again, at least until he leaned in and started licking the frosting off my lips, and that ended up becoming a long, wet kiss.

I was about to suggest that we go up to his bedroom when my phone rang. I looked at it to see who was calling and was surprised to see that it was Sid. It was past 2 AM in Pittsburgh.

"Hey, it's Sid. I'm going to take this, okay? I shouldn't be too long." Drew nodded and started to clear the table as I went into the living room to talk.

I sat down on the couch, not bothering with keeping our conversation private because I didn't think he was going to say much. "Hey Sid, what's up? You're calling pretty late."

"Oh, were you asleep? I figured you'd probably still be awake since you had a game tonight," he said hesitantly.

"No, I'm still up, I just thought it was late for you to be up." I stretched my legs out, stifling a yawn.

"Well, I wanted to wish you happy birthday. I forgot to before the game and I figured you'd still be up right now. It's still your birthday in California, right?" Sid sounded a little different, more subdued than usual.

"It is," I said. "Thanks for calling. You didn't stay up just to call me, did you? You could have just left a message."

"I don't have a lot else to do these days," he said, and from the tone of his voice, I definitely knew something was wrong.

"Are you feeling okay?" I asked.

"Well, that's the question, isn't it?" He chuckled, but even his laugh was a little shaky.

I was silent for a while. I knew that he had doctors and trainers and teammates and family taking care of him and asking all of these questions and giving him the same advice. He hadn't called to hear those things from me. My birthday was one of the reasons he'd called, but I knew it wasn't the only one.

"Do you remember when you got me a bottle of Jack Daniel's for my fifteenth birthday, and we thought it was disgusting but we kept drinking it anyway because we thought it would get better and it didn't?" I asked, knowing that he wouldn't have forgotten because it was the night that we kissed for the first time. It suddenly occurred to me that whiskey was directly responsible for the beginning of the only two serious relationships I'd ever been in.

"Yeah, of course. And then you kissed me and I punched you in the face. I still feel bad about that," he said sheepishly.

"It's fine, you hit like a girl," I said dismissively. "And you apologized like a million times that night."

"And then I kissed it better. Like a million times." Sid paused, and I didn't want to respond because I knew that Drew could hear me from the dining room. "How did you know?"

"Know what?" I asked. Drew came over to the couch to tell me he was going upstairs and I told him I was going to join him soon.

"That I was gay; that I had a crush on you; that I would never have made the first move," he said softly.

"I didn't," I answered. I heard the bedroom door slam shut upstairs and I knew that Drew couldn't hear me anymore. "There was something about the way you'd look at me sometimes, but that was it. I just really wanted you, and I thought if I had a chance with you, I should take it."

"You seemed so sure. You didn't act like you were taking a risk at all." He hadn't shared his perspective of that night with me before, and I had no idea that I had come across that way. I had been hopeful and scared - although not as scared as I would have been without the whiskey - but one thing I hadn't been was sure.

"And then you punched me in the face." I laughed, remembering the dazed and confused feeling I had just after his fist connected with my chin.

"You always hurt the ones you love," he said, and I ached a little, wondering what would have happened if the world had been different, and if he'd stayed at school with me.

"Hey, it's getting late; I should go to sleep and you should too." I was aware that Drew was waiting for me upstairs. "I hope you feel better."

"I do." He said, even though I'd really meant that I hoped he would begin to feel better. "Good night, Jack."

"Good night, Sid."

I hung up and went up to our bedroom. Drew was sitting up in bed watching Conan and I got under the covers, putting an arm around him. He mumbled something about my toes being cold, but didn't ask me to move away.

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