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"My name might be the only thing Irish about me."

Part 3 of JMFJ/Donuts fic is posted here.

Really happy for the 2 points last night, but I also felt bad for the Wild and Marty because of joolzie. :( And then I was terrified when Dan Boyle went down cos' I thought someone hit his head again and it was one of those things where you're already concussed and it makes it much worse. But then I was - this sounds so bad - relieved when I found out that it was his knee. Just because with a knee you know how long it will take, and you know he'll get back, probably with no lasting damage. Not good timing given it's close to the playoffs, but...

Patty scoring the GWG on St. Patrick's Day! :D And off a lucky (Irish) bounce, although he says he isn't of Irish descent. The Couture goal was flukier, but we've had our fair share of goals like that scored against us, so I'm going to complain. :P

Meanwhile, the Kings somehow managed to get swept by the Blues. If not for how good Quick was in the game (well, first two periods anyway, I haven't watched the third yet), it would have been yet worse... and they got shut out 4-0. The Blues pretty much just outplayed them. The SOG after the second were 30-6 in favour of the Blues. The Kings got a bronx cheer after their 5th SOG I think, LOL.

At one point there was a Blues 5-on-1 and the one King back was JMFJ. I don't know if you could dream up a more nightmarish scenario for the Kings, ahahahahaha.

There was an article in the LA Times about how Terry Murray was ripping the fans last night, and... I don't really interpret his comments that way. I mean I can see how you could, but I'd like to think he wouldn't have thought that.

"That is the most embarrassing thing I have ever been through. That's the worst I have ever been through in all the years I've been coaching," Murray said. "I've been behind the bench almost 3,000 hockey games in the NHL and booed off the ice by your own fans, at the end of the second period, after… this road trip, going 4-0 in hard places, it's very disappointing."

I read that more as, the team sucked so badly at home after playing relatively well on the road trip that they earned boos from the fans, and it was the team's play that disappointed him.

Although abby20 says they were booing Quick and that just really doesn't seem right, because he's the main reason they're even in a playoff spot right now.

[ Edit: They were so desperate at some point to get anything going JMFJ and Donuts were playing together at even strength. Eek. ]
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