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Oh baby, hockey goodness!

In the words of our Sharks announcer, "Markus Naslund, Todd Bertuzzi and Brendan Morrison - Hot! Hot! Hot!"

Couldn't have said it better myself.

*sigh* I really don't have high hopes for this game. Correction, I don't want to have high hopes. Damn, why am I so nervous? It's over! Over!

1st period

Eee! Nazzy!ass *sighs happily* *goes back to watching game*

*shrieks* Slow-mo Todd! Then lingering on his face as he swears about something. *loves our gay cameramen*

Poor Trevor playing with the freaky Sedin twins. *cuddles him* Damn it, announcers, don't call them a good threesome!

*cries* Sharkies playing well in first 5 minutes. Set me up for another fall won't you? *cries*

Eee, "big Todd Bertuzzi" just like "big Jason Arnott"!

OMG, pissy!Teemu, he didn't score and hit his stick on the ice and swore on the bench! *cries* Will ... not ... find ... Teemu ... attractive. *weeps copiously*

Shit we're on the PK! *weeps copiously*

Ahh! Gravey, I love him so much, he went out of his way to talk to Drew and tell him all that stuff about Owen not getting along with the team is untrue.

Fuck me, we killed a penalty? With Natuzzison on the ice? *weeps*

Jesus Christ, Vinnie, nice fucking deflection! How the fuck do players do things like that?

Marco is looking good with Owen and Vinnie, but he needs to be reunited with the lesbian so they can maul each other.

"He's got Naslund out there with Trent Klatt and Mattias Ohlund and why not? When you're that hot, throw him out there!" *grin*

Aww, they talked about Trevor as an "all-time great Canuck". Sharks announcers have much Canucks love!

Freakier Sedin twin is hurt, I hope he's okay!

Quiet, Vinnie! Stop freaking raising my hopes! Stop, stop, stop! I don't want to hear it! La la la.

2nd period

Ahh, Nazzy tripped the lesbian. Maybe he's pissed that Todd caught the two of them and gave Nazzy shit about him.

OMG icing in the PP? *weeps* Stop fucking falling asleep, boys, they'll eat you alive! *cries*

Sexy fucking bitch! God damn!!! He makes breakaways look so freaking beautiful. No, wait, breakaways make him look so freaking beautiful.

Eep, Nabby hit Bert in the face with his stick and he went into the dressing room!

Cheech! Stop taking penalties! *bites nails*

Nice giveaway, McLaren. Feel free to pass the puck to Nazzy.

Ahh, Dimitrakos! Offside boy! *dies* Sharks announcers called him a Greek God.

OMG lesbian! So freaking sexy! God, I want to fucking maul him now! *shrieks* We scored 2 PP goals? How can that be?

Ping! Awesome shot, Dan! *cuddles him*

Holy crap, Nabby denied Nazzy on a breakaway! Eee, Nabby and Nazzy! *giggle*

Ack! Another injury, Mattias Ohlund. Ahh, he's limping off!

Damn Crawford is fucking pissed off! *flees in terror* Eep and Mush and Langdon fight!

Nice freaking saves, Skudra! Really good job on the 5-on-3 PK, Canucks.

3rd period

During the highlights, they showed the injuries, Crawford, fight and then goals in that order.

Shit, Bert's got an eye injury! *huggles him*

*twitches* I was just thinking it looked like a Canucks PP. *watches Sharks deflate*

Crap crap crap. No! Wake up boys, wake the fuck up!

Fuck, why do we not know how to play with a lead? *sniffle*

*thumps head against wall* *punts freakier twin*

Damn, Skudra is freaking awesome!!!

*weeps* Canucks PP! *weeps again* *weeps one more time*

Fucking A, Nabby is fucking on too! *screams wildly*

Good God, boys, clear the freaking zone! Clear it!

It's so wrong, but I really like Teemu now. Especially after he was frustrated.

Eep, bad call on the too many men on the ice!

Holy fucking shit did we really win that?
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